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RESOURCE OF THE MONTH: Talking Tube Feeding

Talking Tube Feeding is a new support website for tube feeding families
Talking Tube …Read more

Higher Folate Levels during Pregnancy may Lower Risk of Congenital Heart Disease

A case-control study has found that higher folate levels before or during early pregnancy are …Read more

JOB OF THE MONTH: Regional Account Manager – Clinical Nutrition

Location: South London /South East England
Nutrinovo was established in 2010 with one aim …Read more

How should Pollen Food Syndrome be diagnosed and managed?

People with Pollen Food Syndrome (PFS) – also known as oral allergy syndrome or pollen …Read more

Stricter Blood Sugar Control in Gestational Diabetes Leads to Better Outcomes for Babies

Tighter control, however, may increase the risk of certain major complications for mothers.
Lowering the …Read more

Two New Studies Link Ultra-processed Foods with Heart Disease, Bowel Cancer and Death

Two large studies published by The BMJ find links between high consumption of ultra-processed foods …Read more

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: Compleat® paediatric 250 ml with SimpLink® Connection

SimpLink® connection allows for bolus feeding up to 250ml directly into a gastrostomy tube …Read more

NEW Food Fortification Patient Booklet

Nutrinovo have developed a free resource for dietitians to give to patients who may benefit …Read more

NEW MINAMI MorEPA Cholesterol + Plat Sterols omega-3 fish oil softgels

Introducing the NEW MINAMI MorEPA Cholesterol + Plant Sterols omega-3 fish oil softgels. Specifically designed …Read more

Delicious, nutritious, and safe texture modified meals delivered from It’s Made For You

Here at It’s Made For You Softer Foods, we believe that everyone should look forward …Read more

HyFIBER Gains ACBS Approval for ORAL and Enteral Use

Nutrinovo are delighted to announce that HyFIBER has been granted ACBS approval for use both …Read more

VSL#3® – One of the World’s most concentrated poly-biotic

As one of the world’s most concentrated poly-biotics – with 450 billion bacteria across 8 …Read more

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