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2021 CN Awards – The shortlist

The Publishers of CN Magazines are delighted to reveal the 2021 CN Awards shortlist. 

Nutrition Resource of the Year


Nominated by: Kathy Cowbrough, Freelance State Registered Dietitian; Rhiannon Lambert, Nutritionist, rhitrition; Priya Tew, Dietitian, Dietitian UK; Nichola Ludlam-Raine, Dietitian, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Kathy Cowbrough, Freelance State Registered Dietitian: “MyNutriWeb is a fantastic online resource for dietitians and other professionals to learn about nutrition.

Its founder, Tanya Haffner, is recognised worldwide as an experienced and inspiring dietitian who has expanded the scope of dietetics way beyond the traditional thoughts of providing clinical/therapeutic dietetic information to individuals. She and the team, and this method of delivering nutrition for professionals worldwide, are deserving of recognition in the wider world.

Recognising the importance of prevention and the role dietitians can take in this, MyNutriWeb offers webinars, discussion and associated content, delivered by respected experts in their field. Always enlightening and thought-provoking, the webinars have been a vital part of my ongoing learning and CPD. They are presented in such a way as to provide our profession with up-to-date information, expanding the topics we can provide support for.

They also highlight the importance of the way nutrition information is provided for individuals, professionals, businesses, the media. This means building on what people already know and helping them update their information and look at new and innovative ways of learning about and implementing nutrition information.

The fact that it’s an online learning platform has been especially helpful during the pandemic. As a result, virtual learning is now much more commonplace, accepted and appreciated – and the fact that you can not only join live, with the benefit of being able to ask questions, but also on ‘catch up’ if you miss a session, is a great asset. There have been up to 2000 people worldwide register for the webinar and at least 1500 attend.

This will encourage many dietetic and nutrition professionals to recognise different forms of communication that can be used with clients, as well as online learning opportunities. It’s given nutrition professionals such as myself the confidence to recognise the demand for online consultation that is still personal and friendly for potential clients. It’s also been a professional resource for making sure my CPD is kept up to date.”

Rhiannon Lambert, Nutritionist: “I have used MyNutriWeb for a long time and have found it an invaluable resource for enhancing my learning as a nutrition professional. The convenience of recorded webinars during lockdown with a little baby have been a life saver and I have enjoyed enhancing my practice and the information I can give to my clients.

Receiving a personalised CPD certificate is extremely useful for my AFN registration each year and it is extremely professionally run. The guest speakers are world class and MyNutriWeb has been extremely collaborative in helping me source guests for my Food for Thought Podcast. I honestly think they deserve this award so much, Tanya and the team go above and beyond to help nutrition professionals and I am ever so grateful for their dedication and support. MyNutriWeb is by far one of the best online nutrition resources I have ever come across.”

Priya Tew, Dietitian: “MyNutriWeb have done a fabulous job of providing a range of resources and webinars to help keep us up to date over the past year. The topics are varied, and I love the fact you do not have to listen live, but can dive onto the website and catch up at any time. They are forward thinking in their approach to CPD.”

Nichola Ludlam-Raine, Dietitian: “MyNutriWeb is an online learning hub providing nutrition education, practical advice and tools for health professionals. They have a clear passion to help health professionals help others improve their diet, for the sake of both health and the planet.

They provide authoritative, up-to-date, relevant content delivered by international experts in their field, across a range of important topics (most of which are free of charge!) – available live and on demand, so can watch whenever convenient. You also get a personalised CPD certification and reflective practice form to help consolidate CPD; an example of commitment to improve the offering to MyNutriWeb members.

It is extremely professionally run and there’s such a lovely community feel created through emails and social media. I love how science is presented alongside practice, with ‘key resources’ blogs and other content to help further learning. MyNutriWeb is driven by a dedicated team led by Tanya who is such a lovely person and brilliant dietitian – I’ve known her virtually for many years now and she has always been so supportive.

As a dietitian who works part-time for the NHS and part-time freelance, I am extremely grateful for the CPD opportunities that MyNutriWeb provide. I would recommend them to all!”

R-MAPP (Remote – Malnutrition App)

Nominated by: Imogen Watson, Dietitian, Abbott

R-MAPP (Remote – Malnutrition App): Screening tool for malnutrition and muscle loss

Challenging periods like the COVID-19 pandemic require adaptations of the healthcare system. Even when social distancing measures are adopted, it is vital that patients have access to nutritional screening and care. An article recently published in Clinical Nutrition highlighted the importance of screening patients for nutritional status, especially as more individuals are receiving healthcare virtually.1 The authors designed a new simple and remote nutritional screening tool, R-MAPP (Remote – Malnutrition App), that healthcare professionals could use virtually to help identify those at nutritional risk.

Abbott supported this initiative by rapidly turning the R-MAPP screening tool into an app, allowing healthcare professionals both in the UK and globally, to continue to screen and monitor their patients for malnutrition and muscle and function loss, and continue to provide nutritional care despite the challenges that remote consultations may bring.

The R-MAPP App has already been used by more than 3600 healthcare professionals in the UK and nearly 16,000 globally. It has been recognised as adding value to healthcare professionals, their patients and their health boards as evidenced in this quote from Dr Ione de Brito-Ashurst RD, Head of Therapies, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust: “Telemedicine, overcomes current providers challenges by providing a flexible and convenient service to our patients whilst increasing job satisfaction to our professionals. The R-MAPP makes a fantastic addition to telemedicine and our virtual tools. It combines the ‘MUST’ with the Sarcopenia screening tool. A significant step in our virtual nutrition journey!”

Visit to experience the RMAPP App.

1. Krznaric Z et al. Clin Nutr 2020;39:1983-1987.

Patient Webinars

Nominated by: Marianne Williams, Dietetic Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust – Developed by NHS Dietitians in Somerset

As part of an NHS England 100 Day project in Somerset in 2017, the community dietetic team set up on-demand webinars for patients with IBS. This gave patients the opportunity to access vital health and dietary information at the touch of a button, with no need to travel, find care cover, take time off work and with the ability to re-watch information in order to consolidate their knowledge. The project grew rapidly and soon incorporated webinars for coeliac disease, IBD, paediatric allergy, malnutrition, weight management and many more.

However, it became clear that a central base was needed on which to house the webinars so that patients could easily and quickly access the information. It was at this point that Senior Dietitian, Lesley Harper, single-handedly and tirelessly worked to conquer IT language and create the unique NHS website: And so, in 2018, this incredible free national resource was born. Today the website she created has had a further facelift and now sees over 5,000 visits per month with users throughout the UK and from all over the world watching the webinars and accessing the useful links and handouts. The outcome data shows that 93% of users would recommend the webinars with over 33% of users being in the 54-74 age range.

COVID-19 has further accelerated the use of this free resource, with over 20 national NHS departments or CCGs incorporating the webinars into their services or patient pathways. Here in Somerset, the webinars are now deeply embedded within our IBS, malnutrition, paediatric, coeliac and IBD pathways. The webinars are endorsed by the British Dietetic Association and charities such as the British Lung Foundation and The IBS Network. Webinar links are now on national sites such as Royal College of General Practitioners and NHS UK, and the website won the CAHPO award from NHS Digital in 2018 and the Digital Health Award for Outstanding Contribution of the Year 2019.

The mantra that Lesley has created is: “Give patients and carers free and easy access to accurate and reliable nutrition information from NHS specialists at the point of diagnosis.”

The Telehealth Toolkit

Nominated by: Laura Vincent, Private Practice Dietitian, Nurture for Life Nutrition

The Telehealth Toolkit for Nutrition Professionals was developed by two dietitians: Emily Foster and Maeve Hanan in March 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This Toolkit, turned digital course, was made in response to the questions Maeve and Emily were receiving from peers about telehealth software, best practice and GDPR compliance.

With both Emily and Maeve working on telehealth-powered nutrition projects for several years, they decided that sharing their combined knowledge would be an asset to those just starting or looking to improve their telehealth practices. Both women are passionate about empowering nutrition professionals to thrive in an online setting.

The toolkit, turned full-blown course, now running for a third time in 2020, is designed to support practitioners in providing successful telehealth services. The course covers: 1) different ways to set up your telehealth practice; 2) the latest information on best nutrition and telehealth software available; 3) GDPR and website disclaimers for telehealth in private practice; 4) marketing your telehealth practice; 5) preparing clients/patients for telehealth consultations; 6) top tips for carrying out successful telehealth consultations.

Feedback from the programme has been overwhelmingly positive, from both registered dietitians and nutritionists alike.

“I bought the Telehealth Toolkit a few weeks ago and joined the Facebook live walkthrough with Maeve & Emily. I thought I was doing things rather well but was curious to learn from other professionals. Turns out it was the best money spent this year. I learned tonnes, reorganised my data and record policies and streamlined all of my tools. I highly recommend it.” – Clemence Cleave-Doyard, MSc. A.Nutr.

“I just want to say a huge thank you to Maeve and Emily for such a great toolkit and for the valuable sessions. They have already helped me to get started with setting up my practice and help keep me focused!” – Laura Vincent, RD

More information and testimonials from the Telehealth Toolkit for Nutrition Professionals can be found at:

New Product of the Year


Nualtra –

Altrajuce has been one of the most successful product launches in the UK market in over 10 years in terms of prescribing and uptake by NHS Dietitians and their patients due to the way it has re-energised the Juice ONS category in terms of taste and product packaging.

In addition to great taste and more environmentally-friendly packaging (Altrajuce uses 80% less plastic than most commonly used ONS plastic bottles), Altrajuce also offers significant cost savings compared to the market leaders in the Juice category, supporting the NHS with its goal of achieving best value for prescribed products.

Nutrison Peptisorb Plus HEHP

Nutricia –

Nutricia’s high energy, high protein peptide-based tube feed – designed to improve intolerance.1

When malnutrition occurs as a result of a disease affecting the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, patients can suffer from debilitating symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal distension.2 Tube feeds containing whole proteins/fats are often poorly tolerated in patients with GI disorders.2 Peptide-based tube feeds have been shown to improve tolerance.2

Nutrison Peptisorb Plus HEHP is a high energy, high protein formulation designed to improve GI tolerance and increase nutritional intake in patients with impaired GI function:1

  • Peptide-based, 100% whey protein
  • High protein tube feed 7.5 g/100 ml
  • High levels of readily absorbed MCT; 60% fat as MCT
  • High levels of sodium and potassium (197 mg/100 ml, 340 mg/100 ml respectively)

In a 28-day UK clinical study in tube-fed adults with complex conditions, Nutrison Peptisorb Plus HEHP improved GI tolerance, increased energy and protein intake and increased compliance. Additionally, 86% of dietitians felt patients tolerated the feed and/or exceeded tolerance expectations.1

For more information on Nutrison Peptisorb Plus HEHP, please visit

References: 1. Green B et al., Nutrients 2020, 12, 3538; doi: 10.3390/nu12113538.  2. Alexander DD, et al. World J Gastrointest Pharmacol Ther. 2016; 7(2): 306-19.

Nutrison Peptisorb Plus HEHP is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for the dietary management of disease related malnutrition in patients with malabsorption and/or maldigestion and must be used under medical supervision.

ProSource TF Plant

Nutrinovo –

Nutrinovo’s latest innovative product was launched in July 2020. Developed in response to growing calls from UK dietitians for plant-based supplements, ProSource TF Plant provides a high-quality, modular protein which meets these needs.

ProSource TF Plant is allergen free, suitable for a wide range of diets and has recently been listed as an approved product by the Vegan Society. As such, ProSource TF Plant alleviates many of the barriers previously found when feeding enterally fed patients with specific dietary requirements.

Containing 15 grams of high biological value hydrolysed pea protein in just 45 ml, ProSource TF Plant contains ALL the essential amino acids, at levels you would expect from a ProSource product. Furthermore, the product contains low levels of electrolytes, meaning that can be used with confidence when supporting specific patient groups such as those with renal issues.

The presentation of the easy to open sterile sachet, coupled with its water-like consistency, makes ProSource TF Plant easy to administer, whilst assisting with infection control.

ProSource TF Plant is an innovative new product, which makes providing additional high-quality protein available to every patient, when it’s needed most.

Community Nutrition Professional of the Year

Kindly sponsored by Yakult

Yakult is delighted to sponsor the CN Community Nutrition Professional of the Year Award for 2021.
Visit for research, resources, grants, events and more.

Sally Cox

Home Enteral Feeding Nurse, Nutricia Homeward

Nominated by: Louise Nash, Home enteral feeding dietitian, Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

Sally is an exceptional nurse. She is the sole home enteral feeding nurse for our very wide geographical area. When I was new to my role as home enteral feeding dietitian she was incredibly supportive and really helped me get to grips with the role. She has a lovely nature with patients who frequently complement her, the latest being “she’s a grand lass” – high praise in Yorkshire from one our elderly patients who lives alone.

Sally always goes the extra mile when needed to ensure our patients are safe and well, liaising with all members of the wider team, from GPs to social workers to emergency departments. Examples include: staying with one new patient for much of new year’s eve until she was satisfied he was able to manage by himself; organising emergency hospital admissions when concerned (appropriately) about patients’ medical situations; highlighting concerns about the care of one our patients during a hospital admission.

Sally thinks creatively to overcome obstacles and has enthusiastically adopted new technology and new ways of working in order to support patients and train carers during the COVID pandemic when face-to-face contact has not always been appropriate.

She has also played an important role in our new home enteral feeding MDT clinic, which involves gastroenterologist, nurse and dietitian, helping to trouble shoot and think creatively but practically to identify solutions to patients’ problems. As a result, we are making really positive progress with several of our patients with longstanding issues – e.g. tube leakage, gastrointestinal problems. One very anxious mum commented after our last clinic that she felt we were making positive steps for the first time with her 19-year-old daughter.

Despite many barriers which come our way, Sally never complains, always throws herself into her work and has excellent relationships with her contacts in the NHS and with her patients. We really appreciate her.

Ro Huntriss

Dietitian, Oviva

Nominated by: Nichola Ludlam-Raine, Dietitian, NHS

Ro has always been passionate about supporting students and graduates in the nutrition field and started to offer short 3-month paid internships to student or graduate nutritionists or dietitians in 2019, to give them insights into working in the freelance nutrition world. The popularity of these internships spiked last year, when Ro received nearly 120 applications for an internship from one Instagram post in the summer of 2020. This showed the lack of opportunities for people wanting experience in the nutrition industry and Ro was keen to help. To offer as many opportunities as possible, Ro reached out to other freelance nutritionists and dietitians to ask if others would be happy to offer similar 3-month opportunities. With the collaboration of other nutrition professionals, Ro was able to offer over 20 internships and did so purely to benefit other students, graduates and professionals. As to not disappoint the remaining applicants, Ro, alongside Nichola Ludlam Raine, set up a supportive and collaborative Facebook group called the NutriTribe which now stands at over 900 members in just over 6 months offering support, guidance, mentorship and opportunities to nutrition and dietetic students and graduates.

Having offered remote student placements to support universities such as Birmingham City University and Coventry University, Ro has also been working with the British Dietetic Association to support freelance dietitians to offer student placements when hospital placements are not so readily accessible due to COVID-19.

Ro always has the considerations of others in the industry at the forefront of her plans and has successfully contributed to the creation of a collaborative online community of not just dietitians, but nutritionists too.

Catherine Rabess

Specialist Community Dietitian, Clinical Team Lead, Merton Nutrition & Dietetics Service, Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust

Nominated by: Nneka Onyenakala, Contract Account Manager, Nutricia Limited

Catherine is a truly inspiring Dietitian. Along with managing the community Nutrition and Dietetic Service in South West London she regularly provides articles and comments to ensure nutritional information in both social and print media is evidence based and accurate.

Her commitment and passion to excellent patient care is unquestionable. However, her ability to manage her team, her workload and remain poised whilst balancing her drive to diversify nutrition and dietetics during the pandemic is the reason why I would like to nominate Catherine for a CN Award.

Catherine continuously provides individualised and holistic approaches to successfully optimise patient’s nutritional status. She understands the nuances associated with eating well from a clinical and dietary perspective and is driven to evoke positive changes, such as, encouraging work on how to make the Eatwell Guide more culturally diverse.

She continues to support and work with charities and organisations who share her belief in optimal nutrition and the importance of improving quality of life not just for her patients but also the wider community.

I joined Nutricia as her local Account Manager 12 months ago, during the first peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and Catherine has been a pleasure to work with. She is proactive, empathetic and passionate about the causes close to her heart and continuously goes above and beyond her day job to support her team, her patients and the professional reputation of dietetics.

Social Media Personality of the Year

Kindly sponsored by nutrinovo

As the company behind the innovative ‘ProSource’ and ‘HyFiber’ product ranges, we are proud to be sponsoring this prestigious award, recognising the nutrition professionals who go ‘above and beyond’ to make a difference.

Aaron Boysen

Specialist Dietitian, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Nominated by: Rupert Allen, Principal Dietitian, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Aaron graduated from Leeds Beckett University in 2019. After graduating he started as a newly qualified dietitian at Pennine Acute Hospitals, before moving to Bradford Teaching Hospitals, where he works now. He is deeply passionate about the research and evidence that underpins dietetic practice. During 2020, he took it upon himself to work closely with the respiratory consultants to highlight the importance of ward nutrition to patients admitted with COVID. He is now a well-respected part of the MDT and supports the long-COVID clinic working with the respiratory consultant and rest of the team to promote recovery.

Aaron is the founder and host of Dietetics Digest. A podcast he developed in his own time to support learning and development for other dietitians, and for guests to share their expertise and experience with others.

Aaron is the presenter of the podcast and has a highly inquisitive nature and friendly and enquiring questioning style which puts the interviewee at ease and makes each episode interesting, funny and a joy to listen to.

His podcast is available on Spotify, Apple, Google Podcasts and other media. Topics include experiences from Dietetic Placements, Tips for new dietitians, Freelance writing, Coeliac Disease, Cardiovascular disease and Eating Disorders.

Aaron’s podcast has been listened to over 6200 times, in multiple countries, and is rated 4.7 out of 5 on Apple Podcasts. Feedback from listeners is hugely positive ‘inspirational’, ‘excellent for sharing practice’, ‘really brilliant podcast’ and a ‘great initiative’.

Aaron also is active on Twitter as himself and as the @DieteticDigests, and he regularly shares evidence and examples of good practice. More recently Aaron has shared his experience of supporting long-COVID patients on Channel 4’s dispatches programme.

Aaron is enthusiastic, dedicated, interested and passionate about the role and importance dietetics can have for patients and the public. He enjoys sharing this passion and interest with others, and through Dietetic Digest Aaron genuinely shares his joy of dietetics (he is also known to do a few TikTok videos as well!)

Cristian Costas

Specialist Coeliac Dietitian, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Nominated by: Sarah Brook, Specialist Gastroenterology and Nutrition Support Dietitian, Local Community Partnerships

I think Cristian deserves the CN Award for Social Media Personality of the Year 2021, as he is so dedicated to spreading the word of coeliac disease to the public and healthcare professionals over all forms of social media, not just in the United Kingdom but across the world.

The information that he shares is accessible and easy to understand, and uses the most up to date evidence, translating this into digestible (no pun intended) information for his followers. He is very knowledgeable in his field and ever-keen to promote dietetic support in coeliac disease. He has taken part in Q & A sessions on Instagram, patient webinars and blogs on the topic across platforms such as Twitter and the GutsUK Charity website. Given that some of these opportunities are international, he is reaching a very wide audience, networking with key experts and in my opinion, representing the dietetic profession very strongly.

He is also very helpful if you have any queries about coeliac disease, as well as other gastroenterology queries and evidently puts patients at the centre of his care. A member of the British Dietetic Association Gastroenterology Group, he is clearly very motivated and enthusiastic about coeliac disease and dietetics as a profession. I feel that this transfers to his followers and it is great to see this level of engagement and promotion within dietetics.

Well done Cristian and I believe that I am now speaking on behalf of all your followers: we look forward to learning more about coeliac disease from you in the future and feel that you would be very deserving of this award.

Nichola Ludlam-Raine

Registered Dietitian, NHS Bradford Teaching Hospitals

Nominated by: Louisa Flannery, Health Coach, Oviva

Nichola Ludlam-Raine qualified as a dietitian in 2009, and in 2012 she set up her nutrition blog to help dispel nutrition nonsense on the internet. Since joining social media she has gained over 100,000 followers across her platforms (@nicsnutrition) and she regularly posts creative, easy to understand and relevant content relating to health, nutrition, diet and dietetic specialities. Nichola continues to fly the flag for nutrition and dietetics and in recent months has started a weekly Instagram Q&A Live series which she uses to help share the work of other dietitians, registered nutritionists and health care professionals too.

Nichola regularly features on national TV and can often be found on the BBC Breakfast sofa helping to spread evidenced based nutrition information to the wider public. She is a proud BDA Media Spokesperson and regularly volunteers to help speak to journalists in her free time.

Alongside Nichola’s main (verified) account @nicsnutrition, she also runs her relatively new but rapidly growing @mummynutrition page where she shares not only weaning tips and healthy recipes for little ones, but tips for new mums. She regularly consults and provides a platform for experts in the field (e.g. psychologists) to ensure that the information she is sharing is evidence based, something that is very important to her.

I’ve been working with Nic very closely now for the last year and I’ve learnt so much, I truly value her expertise in the field. She is incredibly passionate about her career and is keen to support and offer her time voluntarily to others in their nutrition and dietetic journeys through her commitment work to co-founding ‘The NutriTribe’ – a supportive Facebook group of almost 1,000 nutrition professionals who are keen to develop their career and learn from co-founders Nichola & Ro

Ayela Spiro

Nutrition Science Manager, British Nutrition Foundation

Nominated by: Bridget Benelam, Nutrition Communications Manager, British Nutrition Foundation

I am nominating the British Nutrition Foundation twitter account @BNFEvents, led by Ayela Spiro. The aim of the resource is to provide access to our range of good quality information, science-based, practical food and nutrition information. This has gone from strength to strength under her leadership, providing a range of innovative, evidence-based, creative content on nutrition and health – all developed in-house without access to big budgets for design or external agency support.

The number of followers for the account has doubled since 2018, and is now at over 12,500. Last year it had nearly 2 million impressions and over 48 thousand engagements. Over the past year the account has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing content, including a range of practical ideas on putting together healthy meals from store cupboard ingredients, tips on sleep and physical activity, information on nutrition and immunity and consumers’ concerns and behaviours in response to the pandemic.

During the year, the @BNFevent account has also shared content on International Women’s Day, recognising some of the pioneering women of nutrition and science, including Elsie Widdowson, who played a leading role developing food composition data and Dame Harriet Chick, who’s research helped highlight that vitamin D was key in the development of rickets. A range of healthy, seasonal foods are also highlighted, as well as tips related to events like Halloween and New Year and awareness days, including World Cancer Day. With so much misinformation and about diet and health on social media, the account provides a wealth of trustworthy and practical content that looks great and is reaching an increasingly wide audience of those with an interest in nutrition.

The information provided can have a range of practical applications from providing some interesting dishes to try making at home and tips on how to boost the fibre content of your breakfast to debunking myths on diet and cancer and understanding people’s views on processed foods. It’s never been more important to support people in making healthier choices and this resource makes a really engaging contribution to this challenge

Paediatric Nutrition Professional of the Year

Kindly sponsored by Fresenius Kabi

Fresenius Kabi is delighted to be sponsoring the CN Paediatric Professional of the Year award for 2021.

Julia Faulkner

Paediatric Dietitian, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, Musgrove Park Hospital

Nominated by: Heidi Seabert, Paediatric Dietitian, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Over the last year Julia has truly demonstrated her commitment to the paediatric dietetic profession and her drive to support her patients above and beyond that expected of her role.

During the COVID lockdowns she ensured that vulnerable families in her care had access to the essentials they needed – dropping off essential food supplies when needed on her way to or from work. She will also frequently drop off essential or emergency nutritional supplies to patients to save them a trip to the hospital.

Julia has asked to alter her working hours to come in to review patients who are attending the hospital on a Saturday for the palivizimab vaccination clinic – so that she can review children face-to-face and save them another trip to hospital. This has shown commitment to patient care and new ways of working to the benefit of families.

Following the birth of her son who was born with oesophageal atresia and tracheoesophageal fistula (OA/TOF) – she has championed dietetic care for this group of patients. In her spare time she is a member of the TOFS charity medical advisory group, and leads the nutrition taskforce on the European Reference Network for rare Inherited and Congenital Anomalies (ERNICA) patient journey project. As part of the nutrition taskforce, she led a team in the production of an animation ‘Care And Nutrition in Esophageal Atresia (CANEAT)’, which highlights to families the nutritional care they should expect.

She has produced patient information on introducing solids for the TOFS charity and has edited ‘The Soft food recipe book, created for those born with OA/TOF and associated conditions’. Using her experience as a parent of an OA/TOF child, and her knowledge as a paediatric dietitian she has spoken at the TOFS family conference on introducing solids, and at the International Conference on Esophageal Atresia.

During the COVID pandemic she has, with the TOFS charity, joined a specialist speech and language therapist to deliver a live question and answer session on weaning and introducing solids in the OA/TOF child, which was watched by individuals from the UK, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and America.

Sally Hall

Paediatric Nutricia Homeward Nurse, Nutricia

Nominated by: Nicola Wayne, Senior Strategy Manager, Nutricia Ltd

Sally is a Paediatric Nutricia Homeward Nurse based in the North of England, twelve months ago she visited a family with two small children who were both enterally tube fed. Both children were on powdered feeds and needed Flocare containers, the eldest child needed 4 containers each day and the baby needed 6, meaning a total of 280 Flocare containers, or 28 boxes per month as well as other enteral feeding equipment. Storage was a huge challenge for the family, especially as they had additional equipment to store such as wheelchairs and hoists, this resulted in a cluttered family environment which posed a safety risk in terms of slips and trips.

After meeting this family Sally investigated various options and realised that regular baby bottles, easily available from supermarkets and chemists, which could be sterilised and reused would connect to the feeding equipment and could be a suitable alternative to the Flocare containers. This solution was discussed with the managing paediatric dietitian who agreed to a trial. The family tested this and were delighted with the results. They were able to significantly reduce their monthly deliveries, the storage space required and the subsequent plastic waste that was generated.

Sally discussed these results with the local paediatric team who agreed to adopt this as standard practice in the local area, and it was raised within Nutricia as a ‘best practice’ initiative. The project moved from a local initiative to a national project in November 2020.

Sally was the driving force in finding a solution for a family she cared for, gaining acceptance from the local paediatric team, and highlighting this within Nutricia and supporting the national launch of reusable bottles. Her commitment to patient care is outstanding, this initiative has a positive impact on families’ day-to-day lives, as well as reducing the impact of plastic waste in the environment.

With this project, Sally demonstrated great creativity in problem solving, going above and beyond her day-to-day role to truly put families’ wellbeing at the heart of her actions, this hopefully makes her a worthwhile winner of a CN Award.

Julie Lanigan

Paediatric Dietitian and Chair of BDA Paediatric Group, UCL & Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health

Nominated by: Bahee Van de Bor, Freelance Paediatric Dietitian, UKKIDSNUTRITION      

We wish to nominate Julie Lanigan for the CN Award for ‘Paediatric Nutrition Professional of the Year’.

Julie is based in the research department at UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health in London. She is also the director of Trim Tots Community Interest Company, which delivers early years weight management support.

Julie has been involved as the previous chair of the Paediatric Specialist Group (PSG) for the past 8 years and has been an active member of the research group and dietitians working in HIV.

In that time she has been instrumental to the success of a variety of significant paediatric projects that have had an impact in raising the profile of paediatric dietetics.

  • Continues to work on the Advanced Professional Practise Masters in Paediatric Dietetics (module 1-obesity lecturer and now module (joint) lead) additionally she has been a real force in pushing the need for paediatric weight management services nationally.
  • Co-ordinated a response on behalf of the Paediatric Specialist Group and Maternity & Fertility specialist group for the BDA to the Department of Health on early years provision.
  • Represented the BDA on the Children’s and Young People (CYP) strategy group setting up national services for tier 3 childhood obesity.
  • Contributed to the public consultation on a total ban on advertising of high-fat high sugar foods to children.
  • Spoke at the PSG series of webinars on preventing childhood obesity.
  • Is closely involved with the development of recently published PSG resources.
  • Always provides inspiring leadership both as the previous chair and now as vice-chair of the PSG, providing constant encouragement and support to all members of the committee.
  • During the pandemic, Julie supported Luise Marino and Rosan Meyer on the COVID remote consultations documents. Julie facilitated the documents to come to the attention of the PSG, so that this excellent practice could be circulated for paediatric dietitians to use across the UK.
  • She also worked closely with Judy More and Pauline Emmett on the groups portion sizes document.
  • Additionally, she supported the weight management resources led by PSG. These resources will be used nationally for the development of the CYP paediatric tier 3 weight management resources.

Julie contributed to the above projects in her own time despite juggling a full-time job and has been an inspiration to all her colleagues.

But, above all, Julie is consistently professional, kind, encouraging, and supportive to all members of the profession. She is an excellent source of knowledge and information, and networks extensively to demonstrate the roles of paediatric dietitians over and beyond her everyday role.

This is a very small snapshot in a long career of pushing the boundaries of paediatric dietetics, not only locally, but regionally, nationally and internationally.

We are grateful for Julie’s generosity, her passion for paediatric dietetics as well as her friendship and excellence in everything she does.

We believe that Julie Lanigan deserves this Award and we thank you for your consideration.

William Williams

Paediatric Diabetes Dietitian, Glan Clwyd Hospital, North Wales

Nominated by: Stephanie Turner, Paediatric dietitian, Glan Clwyd Hospital North Wales

Will works three days a week as Glan Clwyd Hospital’s sole Paediatric Diabetes Dietitian, working alongside three specialist nurses and two consultants. Due to his drive to give each child the best start once diagnosed, Will gives so much more of his time to his diabetic patients than his three days.

Will provides an extensive initial service on the ward when patients are diagnosed and will remain with families on the ward over lunch and sometimes dinner times to personally go through carb awareness, carb counting, insulin dose calculations, corrections, etc., using real food and portions. Families find this incredibly useful and the diabetes team report that patients often go home very well informed and ready to carb count for insulin dosing straight away.  Ultimately, this gives a much greater chance of dosing accuracy and confidence for the patient and family and a better outcome for the child which is key.

Will contacts families outside of the regular multidisciplinary team (MDT) clinics to offer ongoing advice regarding nutrition, dosing for sport/activities, action of different insulins/foods and works with both primary and secondary school staff (including cooks) to ensure each child can return to school ASAP and continue a ‘normal’ and a safe school life as possible.

He has recently suffered an injury which has meant working from home but still continues to work diligently and provide a service to the ward and community patients by phone and video link.

Recently, Will has instigated a ‘step challenge’ for both his patients and the diabetes team, to complete so many steps in a month and sourced step counters for this. His aim is to make exercise fun for the patients and provide good role models in the team for patients to follow.

From observation as a colleague in the same office as Will, I have witnessed first-hand the rapport he builds with families despite the COVID restrictions. He is a much-valued member of the diabetes team and a fantastic, thoughtful and fun member of our small Paediatric Dietetic Team.

The Geoff Simmonett ‘Commitment to Patient Care’ Award

Kindly sponsored by Nutricia Homeward

Nutricia Homeward provides comprehensive support for over 29,000 tube fed patients, helping to facilitate safe and speedy discharge from hospital and minimise hospital re-admissions.

Anne Daly

Highly Specialist Paediatric Metabolic Dietitian, Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Nominated by: Suzanne Ford, Society Dietitian for NSPKU, National Society for Phenylketonuria

Anne Daly has been a highly specialist dietitian (in IMD) since 2001. Her particular metabolic interests are Tyrosinaemia Type I, organic acidaemias, including glutaric aciduria Type I, and she is submitting a weighty PhD on the ‘Dietary Management of Phenylketonuria.’ Anne has a history of volunteering and recently became a Patron of The Campbell Burns Metabolic Trust charity.

Anne is unique: she is passionate about ensuring every patient receives the best possible care and will always challenge the ‘status quo’. She is incredibly modest and does not seek public accolade for the work she does. She is an extraordinary team player, and she will always mentor and befriend any colleague who needs help. She rarely says ‘no’ and no challenge is too big!

Anne says: “The absence of non-dietary treatments in many metabolic disorders is very motivating and makes the dietitian’s role indispensable. Patients are the lifeblood, and the satisfaction is seeing the impact of your dietetic treatment on their lifelong clinical wellbeing.”

  • Anne has published 75 peer reviewed articles – some of these have defined dietetic practice
  • Anne has spoken globally on her work and speaks to patients at the NSPKU conference every year
  • Anne is a member of the SSIEM dietitians and is one of the ‘trailblazers’ behind a new international course on IMD dietetics which will have its inaugural meeting this year
  • Anne leads an outward-bound event in Derbyshire: choosing to spend a whole weekend every year with 25 excited children with PKU. Anne is fearless in abseiling, canoeing and zip wiring. Anne is dedicated to helping children gain confidence and this enhances their self-management and runs similar adventure weekends in the West Midlands for children with IMD
  • Throughout the year Anne is involved in endless patient events, in her own time, (much appreciated by her patients); even in lockdown there has been an event most months
  • Anne is Chair of the dietitians’ group of the British Inherited Metabolic Diseases Group. Anne leads patient safety projects – such as initiating the first UK Dietetic Metabolic Formulary. She recently joined the ACBS committee to review metabolic products for ACBS prescription.

Carol Hoar

Home Enteral Feeding Specialist Dietitian, Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Nominated by: Sandra Hood, Diabetes Specialist Dietitian, Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

I have known Carol professionally for over 20 years and during this time she has never ceased to amaze me with her tireless commitment to strive for the best care for patients. She is an ambassador for dietetics, having built up services from scratch and demonstrated the important role that dietetics can play. As a home enteral feeding specialist dietitian Carol continues to strive to improve patient care and this has been particularly challenging in the current climate. Although, as with the majority of health workers, Carol has had to adapt her way of working she has nevertheless taken this in her stride and continues to provide the best possible care. Her home enteral nutrition work over the years keeping patients safe and comfortable at home has prevented numerous hospital admissions. Carol has led on numerous guidelines, business cases, working groups and reviews and continues to work in an innovative way.

Despite her demanding and at times very distressing work, Carol still has time for her colleagues, friends, and family. In addition to being the learning disability and autism champion at the hospital, she is always ready to volunteer for various events, including awareness weeks. Carol is involved in charity work and has taken on numerous challenges, including epic swims, which wouldn’t be for the faint hearted!

Carol is very modest and is the first one to promote and support others and remain in the background. She is very much a team worker and always willing to offer help and take the lead if needed. Her integrity, objective and generous personality, is something that is very rare and I feel it is a privilege to have her as part of our team and to call her a friend. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award.

Hardip Malhi

Clinical Nurse Specialist in Nutrition, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Nominated by: Dr Sheldon Cooper, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Hardip has dedicated her caring support for patients and families with nutritional challenges and intestinal failure above and beyond expectations over the years. When young adults are ready to move their care from children to adult services this can be a worrying and uncertain time for them. Hardip has shown commitment to ensuring young adults with complex nutrition needs have a smooth transition from children to adult services. She has led on a number of projects including:

  • Developing a welcome booklet with colourful pictures to introduce young people to the members of their new adult Nutrition Support Team. This has been essential in helping young adults and their family become familiar with the team, helping them to recognise team members they meet in clinic and, helping them ‘put a face to the name’ when they contact the Nutrition Nurse Helpline.
  • Working with colleagues in paediatric services, young adults and their parents to write a patient information leaflet to help young adults understand how their nutritional care may be different in adult services and what to expect, in order to prepare them for the transition.
  • Before COVID-19, organising welcome visits to the hospital adult services to orientate young adults and their family to the new out-patient area, adult ward and other hospital services and introduce them to key staff. This has been very well received by patients and their families who have felt that the orientation has helped relieve their anxieties with the transition.

The welcome booklet that Hardip developed is now also being used successfully for adult patients who are transitioning their home parenteral nutrition care to our regional service. During this time, the team has organised remote discharges from other hospitals for those requiring home parenteral nutrition. The welcome booklet has been essential in introducing adult patients to the team and service.

During recent challenges with HPN provision over the last few years, including the COVID pandemic, Hardip has been a key contact for many patients already under our care who have had difficulties, but also been a cornerstone for developing remote discharges from referring NHS Trusts to start on HPN when transfer to our hospital has not been possible due to COVID, facilitating more rapid discharges especially those needing palliative HPN. Whilst undertaking all of these activities in caring for our patients and families, she has successfully completed a Clinical Academic Internship Programme, co-authoring a publication in the medical literature, and now securing a place on an MSc course starting soon.

Elizabeth Taylor

PINNT Representative North West , PINNT

Nominated by: Paula Edwards, Lead Nutrition Nurse, Betsi Cadwaladr University Hospital Wrexham Maelor Hospital

It is with great pleasure that I am able to nominate Liz for this wonderful award. Liz has not only overcome and learned to live with the “stuff that life slings” (her own words) but has really taken her challenges to another level.

Liz identified the need for a local group, and so with the help and support of PINNT, she set about forming the local North West PINNT group, the group is diverse with many attending from North Wales and even as far as Ramsbottom. This ‘local get together’ is aimed for those living with artificial feeding and is inclusive for family or friends, even providing for activities for any younger attendees to keep them busy during the meetings. Her drive and commitment in supporting others is simply the best, there is nothing that Liz has not found a solution for achieving her aim of enabling and supporting others in a similar situation as herself. The forum/meetings she has facilitated and arranged allows the exchange of a service user’s information, in and between those that truly understand what it’s really like. Our local nutrition team and our patients can rely upon her compassionate, energetic and balanced approach to supporting service users who are new to the complexities associated with home parenteral nutrition, even visiting in hospital (when it was possible) to provide insight into how life can be living with home parenteral nutrition. All this whilst she was working maintaining her bed and breakfast business with her husband was incredible

Even through the pressures that the pandemic has presented to her personally, Liz’s thoughtfulness for others has shone brightly. She recognises her members vulnerability, and takes action positively, feedback from patients expressing their gratitude for her keeping in touch with members via telephone has been heart-warming; this has been reported as especially important for those that might be thought as more vulnerable than others due to the issues presenting during shielding.

Liz Taylor is an inspiration to any person who has to learn to live with artificial feeding, she can and has turned difficult situations and uncertainty into manageable positions in order for her to maintain her quality of life and this allows her to be there for others, advocating and influencing services arranged to support service users.

In few words as possible inspirational, positive and a great ally for those in need. Liz deserves recognition for what she has and will continue to achieve for the benefit of service users living with artificial nutrition.

Clinical Nutrition Professional of the Year

Kindly sponsored by Nestlé Health Science

Nestlé Health Science is a globally recognised leader in the field of nutritional science, committed to redefining the management of health.

Zoe Briscoe

Hepato-pancreatico-biliary Dietitian, Royal Surrey County Hospital

Nominated by: Mary Phillips, Senior Specialist Dietitian (hepato-pancreatico-biliary surgery), Royal Surrey County Hospital

Zoe has worked with my team for 2 years and has proven herself to be a dynamic and driven clinician. Despite being new to the field, she quickly established herself as an essential part of the team. She is popular with patients and well respected by senior clinicians.

Zoe helped provide cover to the parenteral nutrition team and intensive care department during the pandemic. She volunteered to work weekends to support intensive care, stayed after work to help feed patients on the ward, supported our COVID research, and volunteered to undertake night shifts as part of an ‘all hands on deck’ programme to assist the nurses and patients on the ward.

Despite COVID, she has developed a number of service improvements, including computerised documents to ensure patients receive appropriate follow-up. Within her first year, she set up patient group sessions, and revolutionised our computer records! Sadly, the patient groups were cancelled due to COVID. Not put off by this, she went on to set up a dietitian-led clinic for our long-term pancreatitis patients, managing to arrange systems for blood tests to be carried out in local hospitals to facilitate telephone appointments and developing standard proformas and red flag triggers to ensure safe practice. This clinic set up allows patients more time to discuss their condition, and access to all the appropriate investigations and advice whilst also freeing up consultant clinic slots, and ensuring the Trust is compliant with NICE guidelines.

Outside of work, she has volunteered to support a healthy eating programme supporting children in the community, and enthusiastically participates in extracurricular departmental team building activities.

Despite all the stresses of 2020/21, Zoe has remained positive and enthusiastic; she works exceptionally hard and is always the first to volunteer when additional work is required. She has an outstanding ability to recognise her (few) limitations clinically, and request support when needed, learning rapidly and being able to apply new knowledge immediately. I am exceptionally proud to have her in my team – she is an inspiration to the rest of the department.

Cristian Costas

Specialist Dietitian, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Nominated by: Rupert Allen, Principal Dietitian, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Cristian has worked in Bradford for 5 years. In 2019, Cristian was appointed to a brand-new funded post to support patients with gastrointestinal disease.

He has gone above any expectation that we had for the post, his focus and passion has been to develop Bradford’s dietetic-led coeliac service.

The care of patients with coeliac disease had fallen to a nurse clinic, with reactive and sporadic input by the dietitian, long delays to be seen and with no specialist dietetic input.

Cristian has been central to the implementation of the clinic, reviewing the evidence and guidelines to plan a clinic that met evidence-based practice. He has extended the role of the dietitian to save consultant time by reviewing new ways of working, such as ordering bloods and developing a pathway for DEXA scans. He has integrated digital resources and social media to engage with patients and improve care using digital assessments, an electronic patient newsletter and communicating with patients via email.

His relationship with the gastroenterologists has enabled them to feel confident to handover care to the dietetic-led service. Cristian is highly respected with the specialist nurses, ward teams and the rest of the dietetic team.

In his own time he has re-established the Bradford Coeliac Support Group providing information and social opportunities for patients to engage with each other.

He is a speaker, advocate and award winner for the Charity GUTS UK, and he has lectured at Leeds Beckett to student dietitians. He is a committee member of the Gastro Specialist Group of the BDA.

Cristian continues to support the rest of the team covering the inpatient wards and IBS and IBD clinics as well as supporting the wider acute team during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cristian is open, honest, hard-working and hugely passionate about his role and the role of the dietitian. He is doing a Master’s at Leeds Beckett to analyse and showcase his outcomes from the coeliac service.

It is a privilege and an honour to be able to nominate Cristian for this Award, and to have been able to share this journey with him.

Holly Monday-Jones

Acute and ICU Team Lead, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, Glan Clwyd Hospital

Nominated by: Belinda Mortell, Dietitian, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board – Glan Clwyd Hospital

As ICU Dietetic Lead, Holly has supported the unit throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. She was successful in achieving position as Acute and Critical Team Lead in the summer of 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. As requirements for higher level care increased, she took on responsibility for those need ICU level care across ITU, HDU and Recovery theatres. The virus impacted her personal life as she was working in such a high-risk area of care. Her husband is relatively high-risk, so she spent 5 months living apart from him. Many of her patients died from the virus. On a reflective post on social media, marking the year anniversary of the first lockdown she said: “I don’t think I have ever worked so hard or so consistently as I have over the last year.”

A summary of her work in the last year:

  • Early on in Spring 2020, Holly worked to co-develop and implement the COVID-19 nutritional support pathway, ensuring that patients impacted by COVID-19 continued to be screened and given optimal nutritional support. This included COVID specific malnutrition screening protocols, an acute nutrition support pathway, a variety of different delivery feeding regimens, a pack for discharge and a critical care-led enteral feeding protocol.
  • She managed the transition as student trainer, of disrupted student placements and graduations with professionalism and respect. Several students have since taken up posts at the hospital based on their experience during COVID-19, when their placements were anything but normal.
  • As acute lead she liaised with wards which were closed due to COVID-19, ensuring there was always an appropriate dietetic service provided. She coordinated the increase workload across her team of dietitians and dietetic assistants.
  • Development of TANG (Transforming Acute Nutrition Group) a transformational service improvement health board-wide initiative.
  • She was part of the Wales wide team who developed and delivered the NHS Wales COVID-19 Recovery app, providing the nutrition element.
  • Developed AHP group to co-ordinate care and avoid duplication of effort.
  • Co-developed MDT Critical Care Rehab group, provided education across ITUs.
  • Re-deployment education sessions for dietetics and other professions in ICU.
  • Co-developed COVID-19 MDT rehabilitation booklet.
  • Scoping out of long COVID work, this will develop this year.
  • Pan-Wales ITU process and digitalisation project.

Holly made sure that every step of the way there was a plan in place, or a pathway to ensure that even with limited resources patients would receive the best standard of care. Her use of delegated care pathways ensured that even if dietetics were understaffed due to sickness or isolating, there would be an optimal level of support for patients. She ensured that these pathways were implemented across the hospital including care homes and community hospitals.

Holly steps up to support the wellbeing in the team, she is a BCUHB Wellbeing Champion. She endeavours to fulfil this commitment to the team’s wellbeing every day in her work.

On a personal note, Holly is a quiet driven individual. She would never be seen at the front of the queue for anything, always waiting behind those in greater need. She always considers others before herself and aims to be the best dietitian and healthcare professional she can be. This is clearly reflected in her manager’s strident support for this nomination (Sue Brierley-Hobson): “This will mean so much to her, she does so much, oh how she will blush.”

Dr Trevor Smith

BAPEN President

Nominated by: Kate Hall, BAPEN Communications Officer, BAPEN

Dr Trevor Smith is President of the British Association of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (BAPEN), as well as a Gastroenterologist and Divisional Clinical Director at the University Hospitals of Southampton.

Under the leadership of Dr Smith, BAPEN has been at the forefront of the development of resources to deliver effective nutritional care in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With redeployment of staff into critical care settings and Nightingale Hospitals, it was clear that there was a potential increased risk of never events related to NG Tube insertion and usage. Trevor coordinated the rapid development of guidelines by BAPEN on behalf of the NHSE Patient Safety Team to decrease this risk that was endorsed and published by all the major intensive care and anaesthetic societies.

Home parenteral nutrition (HPN) services were already being impacted prior to COVID-19. Trevor chaired the national group that managed this situation working closely with key stakeholders throughout. As the COVID-19 pandemic approached the UK, it was clear that if infection rates were as predicted HPN services would be further impacted. Trevor transformed the group into a COVID response one, which rapidly developed COVID-specific clinical guidelines and protocols to keep this vulnerable group of patients safe in the community.

Throughout COVID-19 Trevor has advocated for patients on home artificial nutrition, ensuring that NHSE have kept them informed adequately at all stages with regards supply difficulties and successfully challenged the decision not to include patients on HPN treatment on the shielding list. He has personally ensured that homecare companies were added to the list of keyworkers, another essential move in the response to COVID-19, ensuring safe continuity in the provision of HPN to over 3000 vulnerable patients in England and Wales.

Together with BAPEN colleagues, Trevor has worked to develop a UK and international consensus that NG tube insertion should be classified as an aerosol generating procedure and has asked PHE, Nervtag and WHO to present the evidence for this change to ensure the safety of staff inserting NG tubes across the UK. All of this work for the National COVID response was done in addition to Trevor’s role as Gastroenterologist and Divisional Director responsible for leading the Hospital Trust in which he works’ response to COVID-19.

CN Writer of the Year

The individuals that write for CN Magazines – your No.1 clinical, medical and health nutrition publication – are an integral component to the Magazines success.  Our author’s go to great lengths to research, write and produce articles that are interesting, topical and share best practice.  Below you will find details of the contributors that have stood out during 2020/2021.

Gillian Geaney

Specialist Paediatric Dietitian, King’s College Hospital, London

Articles include:

  • Geaney G (2020). Nutritional Management of Chronic Liver Disease in Paediatrics. CN; 20(5): 13-15
  • Geaney G (2020). Nutritional Management of Paediatric Pancreatitis. CN; 20(6): 73-75

Phill Johnston1 & Samuel Lucking2

1. Acute Dietitian at University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust (at time of writing)/Highly Specialist Dietitian at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust (currently); 2. Surgical and Nutrition Team Dietitian at University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust

Articles include:

  • Lucking S, Johnston P (2020). The Nutritional Management of COVID-19 Patients in the Intensive Care Unit. CN; 20(3): 39-41
  • Johnston P, Lucking S (2021). Patient Demographics, Outcomes & Three-month follow-up of Critically Ill Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19 Patients. CN; 21(1): 25-28

Liesl Silbernagl

NHS and Freelance Paediatric Dietitian

Articles include:

  • Silbernagl L (2020). Paediatric Dietitian’s Toolkit – Part 1: Anthropometrics in under 2-year olds. CN; 20(3): 61-63
  • Silbernagl L (2020). Paediatric Dietitian’s Toolkit – Part 2: When to Wean & Why. CN; 20(4): 65-67
  • Silbernagl L (2020). Paediatric Dietitian’s Toolkit – Part 3: Plant-based diets in the growing years. CN Focus; 12(3): 55-57
  • Silbernagl L (2020). Paediatric Dietitian’s Toolkit – Part 4: Picky Eating & the Dietitian’s Role. CN; 20(5): 73-75

Student of the Year

Kindly sponsored by Baxter

Baxter are a global leader in the provision of parenteral nutrition and offer a comprehensive portfolio of products for acute and chronic patients.

Jasmine Crisp

Student Dietitian, University of Hertfordshire

Nominated by: Angela Madden, Clinical Researcher in Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Hertfordshire

Jasmine applied to be considered for a summer research studentship funded by the Rank Prize Fund at the beginning of the second year of her BSc studies. She was selected as an applicant by her university because of her friendly, team-playing skills, her commitment to contribute to the science of nutrition and dietetics and her excellent academic marks. She received good news in March 2020 that she had been chosen for one of the studentships with the opportunity to work on a lab-based project at the University of Hertfordshire investigating blended diets over the summer of 2020.

Due to lockdown and restrictions, unfortunately, Jasmine was not able to access the lab and carry out the work as planned. However, showing great resilience, flexibility and cheerful determination, she welcomed the chance to work on an alternative research project in a completely different area, i.e. investigating behaviour change skills used in weight management interventions for young people. This was undertaken remotely requiring Jasmine to use her organisational and time management skills which she did very successfully. Throughout the months of uncertainty about whether her project would run and how, Jasmine remained cheerful and flexible, looking out for every opportunity to learn more even in unexpected areas.

During the project she worked diligently, efficiency and communicated very well. She promoted nutrition and dietetics via her Twitter account and engaged constructively with the research funder.

Jasmine has also provided valuable support to a PhD student and others involved in this research work while still carrying out all her BSc programme requirements and relating her experiences to her future career as a dietitian.

She is a shining example of a student who has overcome difficulties, dealt with the unexpected and made the most of opportunities while brightening the lives of people she works with.

Rían Joyce, Imogen Hall, Emma Howe and Melissa Walker

Student Dietitians, Birmingham City University

Nominated by: Kaye Coleman on behalf of the Specialist Adult Dietetic Team at MPFT, Specialist Adult Weight Management and Diabetes Dietitian, Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Rían, Imogen, Emma and Melissa have excelled during a virtual community placement during a national pandemic. Showing resilience and a desire to experience as much as possible to further their learning and, ultimately, their capabilities as dietitians.

They have demonstrated how remote placements can work and how they can be virtually integrated into a team, utilising peer assisted learning as well as adapted traditional models.

As the majority of placement was from their own homes, they needed to be conscientious, self-motivated and organised. Traditional dietetic assessment models had to be significantly adapted. Patients currently facing different challenges to any they have experienced previously meant that they needed to excel in active listening, empathy and knowing when to signpost onwards. They have demonstrated problem solving skills, flexibility and explored different ways of supporting patients whilst striving to provide the best care possible. Technology assisted placement has required them to be resourceful and to have greater autonomy at an earlier stage and this in itself has meant that they have needed to be aware of own capabilities and not reach beyond those without support.

Rían, Imogen, Emma and Melissa have all risen to this challenge and flourished they have worked as a team and provided each other with a lot of support. Alongside the clinical work they have also been active on social media platforms promoting dietetics. All posts were to a high standard. They have looked at how apps can be used to support and how this is perceived by patients by auditing the use of orcha within the team providing insight into a new world for us as clinicians. Rían, Imogen, Emma and Melissa have been assets as students and will all go onto to become excellent dietitians and make a real difference to the future of dietetics.

Alex Lickley

Student Dietitian, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Nominated by: Rupert Allen, Principal Dietitian, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit early 2020, during the first lockdown, Alex had his clinical placements postponed. As a Bradford resident, Alex was keen to use his spare time to help his local NHS Trust manage the pandemic. He volunteered to join the dietetics department to support the dietitians during the COVID response.

Initially, Alex supported patients discharged with COVID, developing an assessment and Google-forms template to review patients following discharge. Alex used his insight and initiative to refine this process with the dietitian to identify patients most at risk and also streamline the assessment process. He also developed a high protein diet sheet specifically for these patients.

Alex helped support the gastro dietitians whilst they were covering inpatient wards, we were concerned about the impact of COVID on these patients. We were anxious about how a student could help when normally these patients are seen by a specialist dietitian. Alex’s initiative and enthusiasm helped us work together to identify how he could support the team. Within a few weeks Alex was able to do parts of a patient assessment, and this developed and grew as the weeks went on.

As the summer went on, Alex’s friendly, approachable and hard-working attitude helped him integrate with the team. We were delighted to be able to offer Alex his combined B & C placement. Working closely with Alex we this transition from dietetic assistant to student, and what he needed to do to ensure his placement competencies were signed off.

Alex taught himself to use Mailchimp to develop a digital monthly newsletter for patients, and then shared this learning with the department. He has also created further resources for patients, created content for the Trust website, and supported email communication with patients.

Alex worked with the team for 5 months his help, support, initiative, passion for dietetics, and extremely personable character has allowed us to reshape our gastroenterology services and has helped us identify the role and importance of junior of staff, whether dietetic assistants, or students, in specialist areas.

Molly McEntee-Morris

Student Dietitian, University of Chester

Nominated by: Dr Kirsty Martin-McGill, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Chester

Molly is a final year Nutrition and Dietetic Undergraduate Student from the University of Chester. Throughout her time at the University, Molly has been passionate about supporting fellow students, not only within her own cohort, but also on a national scale. During the pandemic, Molly created to connect students across the UK to support one another during the unprecedented times ahead; being deployed to the NHS and completing placements and their studies in very demanding environments. She also chairs Zoom coffee mornings to create a supportive and inclusive community. In addition, Molly hosts live Q&A sessions via Instragram (@theaspiringdietitian) assist aspiring students with their University applications and recently participated in Emilia’s Podcast – ‘Journeys’.

Following the successes above, Molly was elected BDA student representation for 2020/21!! In this role, Molly has seized every opportunity to promote the ‘student voice’. To highlight a few key examples; she has discussed the impact of COVID-19 on the training of student dietitians in The Dietitian Café Nualtra Podcast, hosted BDA national student events, authored articles for RD2B ezine monthly, recruited student dietitians for national research projects and can be seen promoting the profession on the BDA’s YouTube channel.

Molly is an outstanding student, not only succeeding in her own studies during a pandemic, but always going the extra mile to support her peers! We are very proud to say Molly is a student at the University of Chester, she is an absolute asset to the profession, and I wish her every success in her future career.

Outstanding Achievement

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Abbott is a global healthcare leader that helps people live more fully at all stages of life.
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Dr Simon Gabe

Consultant Gastroenterologist, St Mark’s Hospital, Harrow

Nominated by: Alison Culkin, Lead Intestinal Failure and Rehabilitation Dietitian, St Mark’s Hospital, Harrow

Dr Simon Gabe is a Consultant Gastroenterologist at St Mark’s Hospital in Harrow. St Mark’s has a national and international reputation in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, especially inflammatory bowel disease, nutrition and intestinal failure, endoscopy and complex surgery. He co-chairs the Intestinal Failure Service, one of two centres in the UK funded to provide this service. He was appointed as Senior Lecturer at St Mark’s and Imperial College in 2000. Dr Gabe has a wide clinical experience in dealing with complex inflammatory bowel disease, especially with fistula development as well as intestinal failure, clinical nutrition and home parenteral nutrition.

His academic and research interests include nutrition screening, hormonal control of appetite, modulation of parenteral nutrition in intestinal failure, nutritional treatment with enterocutaneous fistulae), home parenteral nutrition (survival & growth factors), intestinal transplantation and intestinal tissue engineering.

Dr Gabe lectures nationally and internationally and has written several chapters for textbooks. He was Chair of BAPEN Regional Representatives, Executive Officer, Honorary Treasurer and President of BAPEN. He was the secretary of the St Mark’s Foundation and has raised thousands for this charity completing endurance races such as Iron Man. He co-founded the National Adult Small Intestinal Transplant Forum together with Addenbrooke’s Hospital, which helps to assess patients before registering them for transplant.

He is well respected by both patients and colleagues alike.

Dr Barry Jones

Chair of Independent Advisory Committee of British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (BAPEN)

Nominated by: Kate Hall, BAPEN Communications Officer, BAPEN

During Dr Barry Jones’ career as a Consultant Gastroenterologist he has had various roles outside of his day job, including Chair of Black Country Upper GI Cancer Network, BSG Small bowel/Nutrition Committee, BAPEN BANS Committee, RCP Nutrition Committee, President of Midlands Gastroenterology Society, as well as having had various publications in Clinical Nutrition, bile acid malabsorption, endoscopy and IBD.

Barry is the Chair of the BAPEN Independent Advisory Committee, a past Chair of the British Artificial Nutrition Survey (BANS), BSG small bowel/nutrition and RCP nutrition Committees and past BAPEN HPN Coordinator.

Although now a retired Consultant Gastroenterologist in Dudley, West Midlands, Barry remains heavily involved with BAPEN and working with others to drive change and improvement to patient care and patient and healthcare professional (HCP) safety; and more recently was the Lead of the PINNT Virtual Nutrition Team.

As Chair of BAPEN’s Independent Advisory Committee he is a BAPEN Executive & Council member, and a Trustee on BAPEN’s new Board of Trustees. As a member of BAPEN’s NGSIG and author of the Position Paper on NGT safety ‘Time to put Patient Safety First’, in 2020, he has worked non-stop campaigning to improve PPE during the COVID-19 crisis with BAPEN, BDA, RCSLT, BSG, BASP, CSP, College of Paramedics & NNNG, through his role as Chair of this newly formed AGP Alliance UK. Dr Barry Jones has been instrumental in the rapid development of the AGP Alliance in 2020. As Chair of this Alliance, the Alliance is calling on Governments and health services in all four nations of the UK to review and designate the full range of Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGPs) as a matter of urgency ( The Alliance has gained significant momentum in a short period of time and it is through his determination and perseverance that the Alliance is where it is today, with an increasing number of professional organisations supporting this and calling the Government to account – no stone is left unturned and every opportunity to get the voice heard has been and is used. It is only due to Barry’s dedication and commitment to seeking safety for HCPs that the campaign is as successful as it is gaining the right kind of media attention to drive a positive change and not letting anything get in the way to get the right outcome.

Tim Sizer

Regional Quality Assurance Pharmacist South West (Bristol), North Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

Nominated by: Prof Gil Hardy, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Nutrition

Tim Sizer is a leading and most respected senior pharmacist, who has an outstanding reputation among health professionals worldwide for his innovative and professional activities in the field of parenteral nutrition (PN). In the 1980s, as Chair of the local Nutrition Support Team, he established ‘Cheltenham Nutrition’, pioneering the first successful hospital-based commercial PN compounding unit in UK.

Tim is a Life Member and Co-founder of the British Pharmaceutical Nutrition Group (BPNG), having served as Secretary, Vice Chair and past Chairman. He was BPNG representative on the Kings Fund Working Group that led to the formation of BAPEN in 1992. He served on BAPEN Council for over a decade, the Royal Colleges of Medicine Intercollegiate Working Group on Nutrition and chaired the multi-disciplinary committee that produced the BAPEN Standards for Nutritional Support in Hospitals. Later he led the Pharmacy Group of ESPEN and was Chairman of the All in One PN Society.

Currently responsible for the strategic direction of quality assurance, procurement and use of medicines, including PN, throughout the South West, Tim has previously worked at Hammersmith & Charing Cross Hospitals, London, responsible for 3 MHRA licensed aseptic suites, providing PN, cytotoxic, HIV and CIVAS services. For many years as Course Director for MSc in Pharmaceutical Technology & Quality Assurance, University of Leeds, he co-supervised PhD and MSc Research Students and has published 20 scientific papers (including one for Complete Nutrition [CN]) on pharmaceutical and clinical aspects of PN and has been an invited speaker at conferences in Europe, Asia, South Africa and USA.

An active member of Cheltenham Round Table for over 40 years, serving as Chairman and President and conducting numerous activities for charity, he is also a MiDAS Volunteer Disabled Ambulance Driver at weekends. Despite his charity and committee work, he is a dedicated family man, setting aside quality time with his wife Jackie, his two sons and grandchildren.

Tim Sizer is an outstanding role model for young pharmacists and other health professionals and would be a very worthy recipient of the CN Outstanding Achievement Award for 2021.

The voting process for the 2021 CN Awards has now closed. The CN Award winners will be announced in the September issue of CN Magazine.

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