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With the NHS under increasing pressure to make cost savings, AYMES is a welcome addition to the oral nutritional supplements (ONS) market, providing a fresh approach to prescribing by driving down prices. This has helped save the NHS more than £41 million since AYMES entry into the market. A figure equating to 104,000 hospital stays or 1,892 additional nurses.

Juvela is pleased to confirm that all the Juvela Gluten Free (Flour) Mixes (white, fibre and harvest) and Bread Products including fresh, long-life and part-baked loaves and rolls (white and fibre) have all been reviewed and approved by the Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances (ACBS) and will remain available on prescription in all areas of the UK for patients with clinically diagnosed coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis. Availability may vary depending on local CCG policy. We can also confirm that we will continue to supply the entire range of Juvela products to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Diets free from gluten and casein are often recommended as a way to reduce gastrointestinal (GI) problems in children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD). GI symptoms are of particular interest in these patients due to the correlation and prevalence with the severity of behavioural traits. But a new study published in Microbiome shows that the prebiotic supplement Bimuno® (GOS) may be an effective alternative to reduce symptoms in autistic children.

Are your patients drinking enough? We all know that water is essential for life. Unfortunately, not everyone finds it easy to drink enough to stay hydrated.

Great for patients on a long term prescription, new AYMES Shake 1.6kg format is 8% cheaper per serving than standard sachets.

New HyFIBER, the low volume, liquid high fibre supplement with fructooligosaccharides (FOS) that contains 12g soluble fibre in each 30ml sachet is winning friends daily as health professionals discover its benefits with their patients.

Nutrinovo are delighted to announce a further extension to their ProSource Jelly range with the launch of a great tasting blackcurrant flavour variant.

Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th of November 2018 • Royal College of Physicians, London NW1 4LE

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