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Public Health England Publishes First Salt Reduction Report

The new report shows mixed progress by food industry to reduce salt.

The most recent targets, set by the government in 2014 for the food industry to achieve by 2017, cover 28 food categories. The targets apply to retailers, manufacturers and the out of home sector (e.g. restaurants and cafes) and the categories include bread, crisps and ready-meals.

Companies were asked to meet average and maximum targets for salt content per 100 g, with the maximum targets ranging from 0.13 g in canned vegetables, to 3.75 g in curry pastes. The foods covered by the programme provide more than half the salt in the nation’s diet.

While salt reduction has been ongoing since 2006, progress towards meeting food targets was previously self-reported by the food industry. This is the first in-depth assessment, using commercial data.

To read the report, click here.

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