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Are your patients drinking enough? We all know that water is essential for life. Unfortunately, not everyone finds it easy to drink enough to stay hydrated.

Dysphagia sufferers, estimated at 8% of the population,1 often struggle to take in enough liquids, even developing a fear of swallowing. It’s time to take hydration seriously.

Thick & Easy Clear is prescribed to modify the consistency of drinks, helping people with dysphagia to swallow safely. Thick & Easy Clear:

  • Encourages fluid intake, therefore reducing the risk of dehydration
  • Is a gum-based thickener
  • Doesn’t alter the natural appearance, taste or texture of drinks2
  • Retains a consistent thickness over time
  • Lessens the fear of swallowing.

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References: 1. Date accessed: November 2017.; 2. Fresenius Kabi data on file – Thick & Easy Clear – Acceptability Study Report Sept 2014.

Date of preparation: January 2018. Job code: EN1461. Thick & Easy is a trademark of Hormel Health Labs. Fresenius Kabi is an authorised user.

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