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CN Professional Development

CN Professional Development

CN Professional Development (CNPD) is an interactive resource enabling readers of CN Magazine to test their knowledge of specific subjects covered within each issue, by way of an auto-marking article-linked online questionnaire.

How to use CNPD?

Within your issue of CN, look out for the CNPD logo (seen to the right) – this means that the article has a CNPD questionnaire linked to it. Once you’ve read the article, simply visit this page and click on the link below to register and take part. You will be given a login and password. You will then receive an email, which will provide instructions on how to activate your account. Please file this email in a safe place as you will need to use your login and password to take part in future questionnaires.


What will the questionnaire consist of?

You will be presented with 10 questions relating to the article. Once you have completed the questions, you will be emailed your results and be able to print off a report of your results. Please file this with the article in your CPD file.

What if you forget to print off your results?

Don’t worry! You can log back in at any time and view/print reports of any previous questionnaires you have completed.

Problems logging in?

Please note that your CNPD login may well be different from other logins within the site. You can register or login to CNPD by using the links provided within this page.

Disclaimer: This questionnaire is not endorsed or acknowledged by the HCPC. Completing this questionnaire may assist your CPD, however, it is your personal responsibility to check your CPD requirements with the HCPC. To view HCPC standards for CPD click here (applicable to dietitians only).

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