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Videos & webinars

This section facilitates instant learning, providing you with direct, easy access to educational videos & webinars covering nutrition & dietetics – all of which have been produced by external organisations.

WEBINAR OF THE MONTH: Non-Sugar Sweeteners: Balancing the Debate

This webinar, led by registered dietitians Dr. Paul McArdle and Nichola Ludlam-Raine provides an insightful overview of the safety of non-sugar sweeteners.

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Parenteral Nutrition in Advanced Cancer

Part One of this webinar explores the rational and background of starting patients with advanced malignancy on nutritional support. It evaluates the different forms of nutritional support with the focus on parenteral nutrition. It demonstrates and interrogates the existing guidelines available and relate this to the practice, along with providing key messages for managing patients with advance malignancies.

Part Two explores the practicalities of establishing patients with advanced malignancies on parenteral nutritional support, demonstrating how team work can facilitate a smooth and uncomplicated discharge pathway, with particular focus on the very difficult decision making of stopping parenteral nutrition support towards the end of life.

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Parenteral Nutrition Safety

In this webinar Mitul Jadeja, Special Projects Manager at the MHRA, and Priya Mistry, Lead Pharmacist for Nutrition Support and IF at Southampton Hospitals, share information on adverse event reporting and patient safety incidents relating to parenteral nutrition.

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Dry January: How is teduglutide changing SBS management?

In this 1 hour webinar Dr Susan Hill and Rebecca Turner provide an update on the role of teduglutide in the management of short bower syndrome in adults and children.

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In the Bag or By the Bedside – when additions can’t be made to PN bags

In this webinar Natalia Iglesias and Nina Taherzadeh talk through the aspects of medication administration within and alongside parenteral nutrition.

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Managing Medicines in Intestinal Failure: Theory and Practice

In this 1 hour webinar Raj Badhan and Graeme Doherty discuss the theory and practical aspects of drug administration and absorption in patients with intestinal failure.

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PN Stability – from theory to reality

In this 1 hour webinar Tony Murphy and Venetia Sinchowitz explore PN stability with a focus on paediatrics and light protection.

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PN Multichamber Bags – from bench to bedside

In this 1 hour webinar Rebecca White and Uchu Meade explore aspects of multichamber bag design and use in practice.

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Dietitian Diaries

In this brand new podcast from Wiltshire Farm Foods, Dietitian Diaries explores a variety of nutritional issues with host and RD, Emily Stuart. Over the course of three episodes, Emily discusses topics ranging from malnutrition in the community to the importance of a MDT and IDDSI framework for patients with dysphagia, with a selection of different guests.

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WEBINAR OF THE MONTH: Diet and Skin Health Webinar brought to you by the Almond Board of California

The Almond Board of California is excited to share a webinar designed for nutrition professionals on the connection between diet and skin health presented by integrative dermatologist and researcher Dr. Raja Sivamani.

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Best practice guidelines for remote paediatric consultations

In this webinar, Dr Luise Marino, Dr Rosan Meyer and Lisa Cooke will discuss essentials for remote consultations; identify practice applications for the recent British Dietetic Association (BDA) Guidelines on remote dietetic consultations; outline checks and procedures for practice and management.

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Shining a light on vitamin D during COVID-19

In this webinar, Professor Zulf Mughal will define vitamin D and the associated risks with vitamin D deficiencies; describe the role of vitamin D for immune system support; and review the potential link between vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19.

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Managing childhood food allergies during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic

In this webinar, Dr Helen Howells will identify the occurrence and presentation of COVID-19 in paediatric populations based on current data; review the potential implications of COVID-19 on food allergic patients and food allergy management; and discuss learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Optimising nutrition to improve muscle strength in individuals at risk for falls

In this course, you’ll identify the importance of assessing and optimizing muscle strength, discuss practical tips and current guidelines for assessing falls risk, malnutrition and muscle health, and review the importance of protein for maintaining good muscle health.

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The role of specialist nutrition in achieving optimal outcomes for COPD patients

In this course, Terry Robinson, RN, MSC, BSC (Hons), will identify the nutritional needs of patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD); recognise the importance of exercise and nutrition in the management of COPD; and discuss the needs of COPD patients post-COVID-19.

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Remote malnutrition application for primary practice (RMAPP)

In this 22-minute podcast, Ione de Brito-Ashurst, PhD, discusses the need for telemedicine, especially in relation to nutritional screening.

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How to ensure a Level 4 Puréed food texture

To check that food is the right texture to meet requirements of a Level 4 Puréed diet, there are three key tests which can be used to check that the consistency is correct, as detailed here by Wiltshire Farm Foods dietitian, Emily Stuart.

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How to ensure a Level 5 Minced food texture

To check that food is the right texture to meet requirements of a Level 5 Minced diet, there are three key tests which can be used to check that the consistency is correct, as detailed here by Wiltshire Farm Foods dietitian, Emily Stuart.

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How to ensure a Level 6 Soft and Bite-Sized food texture

To check that food is the right texture to meet requirements of a Level 6 Soft and Bite-Sized diet, there are two key tests which can be used to check that the consistency is correct, as detailed here by Wiltshire Farm Foods dietitian, Emily Stuart.

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Nutrition support of the COVID-19 ICU patient

In this podcast episode, David Evans, MD, FACS, and Paul Wischmeyer, MD, EDIC, discuss the role of nutrition and immunity for patients and practitioners fighting the novel coronavirus Covid-19 in the ICU.

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Impact of pandemics on older adults

In this podcast episode, Nicolaas Deutz, MD, PhD, discusses why older adults are more vulnerable during pandemics like COVID-19, and explains the preventative steps they and society can take to reduce the risk of falling ill, or to help combat the virus if they do.

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Nutritional needs of COVID-19 patients in hospital
& post discharge

In this podcast episode, Nicolaas Deutz, MD, PhD, discusses the importance of an early and adequate approach to nutritional support over the healthcare continuum.

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Applying a behavioural approach to a virtual world

We are delighted to introduce four of our experienced team members; Karan Thomas will be leading our webinar and supporting her will be Cheryl Percival, Sam Howard and Lynda Rigley all of whom are registered Dietitians with experience of working virtually.

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A Webinar for student dietitians

Welcome to this special edition webinar for student dietitians, sponsored by AYMES International.

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Delivering live bacteria to the gut to support the microbiome

At University College London, Professor Simon Gaisford and his team conducted a set of tests on various market-leading probiotics.

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The Dietitian Cafe – it’s a podcast by dietitians, for dietitians

Over the first series, Nualtra will be meeting a number of different dietitians and discussing many areas; from studying to academia, clinical to industry, the NHS to freelancing.

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What the experts say about malnutrition in the community

Experts outline the challenges of identifying malnutrition in the community, the cost pressures malnutrition is placing on the NHS and suggest what healthcare professionals could be considering to improve identification and management of malnutrition in the community.

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Cases in malnutrition – Who is responsible in practice?

Using case-based discussions, experts explore common dilemmas in general practice regarding the identification and successful management of malnutrition. As a growing issue, affecting around 11% of people attending GP practices, it highlights the need to integrate nutrition into holistic care and why malnutrition can be both a cause and a consequence of chronic disease and frailty.

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