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The following UK-based health professional groups qualify for a free-on-request subscription to CN Magazine:

  • Registered dietitians (print or digital)
  • Nutrition nurse specialists (print or digital)
  • Gastroenterologists (digital only)
  • Nutrition pharmacists (digital only)
  • Nutrition and dietetic students* (digital only)

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Don’t worry if you don’t meet the criteria for a free subscription. There are great value ‘paid for’ options that enable you to receive all nine issues* of the UK’s No.1 read each year. Simply choose whether you would prefer to read CN Magazines in print or digitally and use the links below to access your preferred option:


In Print – Yearly subscriptions from ONLY £34.95 (country dependent)

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Digital format – Yearly subscription ONLY £19.50 (an email will be sent to you to inform you when the latest issue is available)

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*Nine issues of CN Magazines equates to six issues of CN Magazine and three issues of CN Focus Magazine per year

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