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PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: HyFIBER – Think Differently About Bowel Transit…

HyFIBER can be used to manage bowel transit disorders effectively without the ups and downs often associated with other approaches.

Found to be particularly effective in both adult and paediatric patients struggling with bowel transit disorders such as constipation, HyFIBER is a mild citrus flavoured liquid fibre supplement that can be taken neat, mixed with foods and drinks, or used alongside ONS or enteral formula.

Containing a unique blend of polydextrose and fructo-oligosaccharides, HyFIBER absorbs water to soften the stool, promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and stimulates the production of short chain fatty acids – these actions normalise bowel function by increasing gut motility, and improving stool frequency and consistency.

Product Summary:

  • 12g soluble fibre in each 30ml serving
  • Water-thin liquid
  • ACBS approved for “The Dietary Management of Bowel Transit Disorders”
  • Contain 1.7g FOS
  • Mild citrus flavour
  • Available in 30ml sachets, or multi-serve 887ml bottles

Click here to request a FREE HyFIBER sample pack.

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