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Publication Subscriptions

Do you qualify for a FREE CN Magazine subscription?
(includes print/digital)

The following UK-based health professional groups qualify for a free-on-request subscription to CN Magazine:

  • Registered dietitians (print and/or digital)
  • Senior gastroenterologists (print and/or digital)
  • Nutrition nurse specialists (print and/or digital)
  • Nutrition pharmacists (print and/or digital)
  • Nutrition and dietetic students* (digital only)

Click here to apply for a free print or digital subscription.

Free of charge subscriptions: It can take 2 weeks for free of charge print subscriptions to be processed.  Once your details have been processed and added to the CN mailing list, you will receive the next issue that goes into production (not the issue in production at the time of subscribing).  Digital subscriptions will be processed within 72 hours.

Delivery of printed CN Magazines must be to a UK address. 

If you have already subscribed to a print or digital version of CN Magazines and have login details, then please login via the subscription login tab as normal and you will have the option to add a digital or print subscription to your account.

*Nutrition and dietetic students must be studying for a degree (BSc Hons) or higher qualification (e.g. Postgraduate diploma, MSc, PhD) from a recognised university/institution and be UK-based.  You will be asked to confirm your university/institution upon registration and student ID.  Students will be required to renew their subscription annually.


Paid for CN Magazines subscriptions - SPECIAL OFFERS!
(includes print / digital)

Don't worry if you don't meet the criteria for a free subscription. There are great value 'paid for' options that enable you to receive all nine issues* of the UK's No.1 read each year. Simply choose whether you would prefer to read CN Magazines in print or digitally and use the links below to access your preferred option:


In Print - SPECIAL OFFER - Yearly subscriptions from ONLY £34.95** for a limited period (country dependent)

Click here to purchase your Print subscription


Digital formatSPECIAL OFFER - Yearly subscription ONLY £19.5o** for a limited period (all countries) (an email will be sent to you to inform you when the latest issue is available)

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*Nine issues of CN Magazines equates to six issues of CN Magazine and three issues of CN Focus Magazine per year

** These special offers are available to new and re-subscribers.  No further discounts/coupon codes are applicable against these rates.


NOTE: Once your order has been received, processed and paid for, refunds will not issued as per our terms and conditions.

Update your delivery details

There may be some cross-over with the distribution of the magazines and system updates, so please allow up to 8 weeks for your address change to be processed.