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A recent study with the new tube feed formula containing food-derived ingredients, Isosource® Junior Mix, shows improvements in gastrointestinal symptoms1

As reported by health care professionals blenderised foods being given to children requiring tube feeding is increasing.2 An acceptability and tolerance study was conducted on children, aged 1-14.1 Nineteen children were tube fed and given the formula Isosource® Junior Mix, for 7 days. Demographic and medical data were obtained; gastrointestinal tolerance including diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pain was recorded. Stool type was measured using the Bristol Stool Chart. Participants had a range of medical conditions including cerebral palsy and Down’s syndrome. 16 participants completed the trial. A number of participants reported positive changes in stool consistency. One child saw improved mood, eye contact and concentration. Resolution in reflux and gradual decrease in retching were observed in 2 participants. Overall, Isosource® Junior Mix was well tolerated by most participants, with a decrease in GI symptoms and beneficial changes in stool type.


Food for Special Medical Purposes. Isosource® Junior Mix is an enteral tube feed for the dietary management of patients with or at risk of malnutrition. Use under medical supervision. For healthcare professionals only.

References: 1. Thornton-Wood et al. (2019). To evaluate the acceptability (including gastrointestinal tolerance and compliance) of a Paediatric enteral formula with ingredients derived from real food for children over 12 months of age. Abstract presented at ESPEN conference MON-LB699 Clinical Nutrition VOL. 38 SUPPLEMENT 1 SEPTEMBER 2019 S297–S322 S319.; 2. British Dietetic Association (2019) Policy Statement. Use of Liquidised Food with Enteral Feeding Tubes.

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