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Calling all healthcare professionals! Are your patients overwhelmed and confused by the flood of gut health information?

Yakult Science for Health has you covered with FREE resources!

We recognise the challenge of providing comprehensive information within limited appointment times. That is why we have developed a range of patient resources designed to extend support beyond the consultation room. Created by a team of nutritionists, these trustworthy resources focus on core habits to establish good gut health.

Our easy-to-understand materials are perfect for handing out to patients, allowing them to read at their own pace at home; cementing and complementing diet and lifestyle advice discussed during appointments.

Gut Health Habit Tracker: This tear-off pad, with one week per page, helps patients easily monitor 5 key gut health habits: diet, exercise, mindfulness, sleep, and hydration.

Guide Your Gut Booklet: Your patients’ ultimate gut health companion! This handbook aims to guide patients through the basics of gut health covering topics such as the gut microbiota and its functions, factors which can influence gut health and science-backed top tips for caring for your gut.

Join the many healthcare professionals who trust Yakult Science for Health to provide evidence-based, accessible information.

Empower your patients! Email for free hardcopies or download the ‘Guide Your Gut’ PDF via

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