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Complete Nutrition Magazine Welcomes New Editorial Team Members

Complete Nutrition (CN) Magazine* are delighted to welcome Freelance Consultant Dietitian Kiran Atwal, and Bruno Mafrici, Clinical Specialist Renal Dietitian, to the CN Editorial Team.

The CN Editorial Team is made up of a range of experts**, covering a variety of fields from critical care and paediatrics to community dietetics and parenteral nutrition. The Team provides vital editorial support, helping to ensure the content in CN is correct and current. Both Kiran and Bruno will bring their individual experience and specialisms, with Kiran providing support and knowledge on paediatric dietetics and Bruno on renal.

Kiran Atwal has been a regular contributor to CN Magazine for over four years, covering areas such as ARFID management in children, complementary feeding and childhood obesity. Kiran has practiced paediatric dietetics across both industry and clinical practice, and is currently a Freelance Consultant Dietitian, working in a variety of areas. She is co-author of numerous publications, including a new clinical textbook on childhood weight management, and co-editor of an upcoming clinical paediatric dietetics textbook. As well as holding a position on our CN Editorial Team, Kiran will also be providing a column in our new Paediatric Focus section, which is running not only in CN Magazine but across our digital platforms too. You can read her most recent column here.

Bruno Mafrici is a previous winner of both the CN Clinical Professional of the Year Award (2018) and CN Writer of the Year Award (2023). Bruno brings extensive experience in adult renal dietetics and is currently a Clinical Specialist Renal Dietitian and Non-Medical Prescriber working at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. He has also recently co-founded Kidney Nutrition Matters LLP, a private nutrition consultancy. Bruno is a visiting Senior Lecturer to 10 UK Universities and is undertaking his PhD at the University of Nottingham. Bruno has provided many articles within CN Magazine, covering chronic kidney disease and maintenance dialysis, for example. Bruno is an author and editor of the PENG Pocket Guide to Clinical Nutrition (5th Edition) and is leading the updates for the 6th Edition (due 2025). Bruno has been Chair of the British Dietetic Association’s Renal Nutrition Group and collaborated with the UK Kidney Association, working on guidelines for renal dietitians.

CN prides itself on working with valued members of the dietetic community to help readers stay up to date with the latest nutrition and dietetic practice, and looks forward to working with and sharing the invaluable expertise of both Kiran and Bruno. The addition of these two fantastic new editorial team members coincides with CN Magazine’s fresh, new look, which will be revealed with the March issue.

* CN Magazine is the UK’s No.1 nutrition & dietetic publication ( The first issue of CN Magazine was published in 2001. Click here for further information.

** The CN Editorial Team currently comprises: Danielle Bear, Principal Critical Care Dietitian (critical care dietetics); Nigel Denby, Director of his own nutrition consultancy; Rachael Masters – Consultant Dietitian and Managing Director of Focus on Undernutrition UK Ltd (community dietetics); Rebecca McManamon, Consultant Dietitian (clinical dietetics); Helen Stanton, Clinical Lead Paediatric Dietitian (community paediatrics); Professor Gil Hardy (pharmacy & PN).

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