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Could a ‘DNA diet’ help to reduce health risks linked to high blood sugar?

The findings, published in Nature Scientific Reports, come from a small Imperial College London and DnaNudge pilot study involving 148 people with high blood sugar levels who were at risk of going on to develop type 2 diabetes (T2D).

It found that following personalised dietary advice informed by genetic information, in combination with face-to-face dietary coaching from a healthcare professional, was more effective at reducing blood glucose levels than standard dietary coaching based on the NICE guidelines, which are the current standard of care in the UK.

While the work is at an early stage, the researchers say it is a promising example of how genetic data might help to prevent long-term conditions and improve health.

They note that larger trials are needed to verify their findings and ensure the approach is suitable for use in clinical practice and for a range of people and conditions.

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