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Dual Layer Innovation at Wiltshire Farm Foods

The latest creation from King’s Awards winner Wiltshire Farm Foods is its Level 4 Purée Beef Hotpot. Cooked in a rich gravy, the puréed beef is topped with puréed sauté potatoes – making it the first dual layer product in the ready meal provider’s Softer Foods range.

Served with savoy cabbage, the energy dense dish can be microwaved or oven-cooked directly from the freezer. This is the case with all 88 meals in the range, which have been developed specifically for those with swallowing difficulties, in line with IDDSI texture guidance.

So, your service users can benefit from nutritious convenient meals, in a texture that’s right for them.

The newest podcast episode from Wiltshire Farm Foods features discussions with its Chef, Jethro Lawrence, around product development in the food industry.

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