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Fresubin® 3.2kcal Drink Cappuccino Flavour!

Introducing our newest addition to the ground-breaking Fresubin 3.2kcal Drink Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS) range: A palatable Cappuccino flavour.1

In patient studies, assessing taste, mouth feel, smell, and visual appearance, 92% of patients gave a positive response.1

Fresubin 3.2 kcal Drink is the most energy-dense low volume (125 ml) ONS, with 3.2 kcal/ml and 20 g (20% energy) protein.2

Each 125 ml bottle of Fresubin 3.2 kcal Drink contains 400 kcal providing the minimum effective daily dose for energy from ONS for older adults.3, 4

High in protein (20% energy) with 20 g of a protein from a unique protein blend of collagen hydrolysate and milk protein.

Fresubin 3.2 kcal Drink can also be taken as a high energy, high protein shot – 3 x 40 ml/day.

Available in Vanilla-Caramel, Mango, Hazelnut, and now Cappuccino flavour in 125 ml Easybottle.

For more information or to request samples of Fresubin 3.2 kcal Drink visit:

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September 2023

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