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HyFIBER Gains ACBS Approval for ORAL and Enteral Use

Nutrinovo are delighted to announce that HyFIBER has been granted ACBS approval for use both orally and enterally, for ‘The Dietary Management of Bowel Transit Disorders’.

This means that dietitians across the UK will now be able to access the product in the community for use orally, with patients who are struggling with bowel issues, such as constipation.

Product Summary:

  • 12g soluble fibre in each 30ml serving
  • Water-thin liquid
  • ACBS approved for “The Dietary Management of Bowel Transit Disorders”
  • 1.7g FOS
  • Mild citrus flavour
  • Available in 30ml sachets, or multi-serve 887ml bottles.

To request a free sample pack to try with your patients, email:

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