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HyFIBER – Think Differently About Bowel Transit…

HyFIBER is a low volume, liquid fibre supplement containing 12g of soluble fibre in each 30ml serving, which can provide an alternative approach to supporting patients with bowel transit disorders.

HyFIBER contains a unique blend of polydextrose and fructo-oligosaccharides. With different fermentation characteristics, these ingredients absorb water to soften and bulk the stool, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and stimulate the production of short chain fatty acids.1, 2, 3 These actions can help to normalise bowel transit, with both ingredients shown to improve stool frequency and consistency.4, 5, 6

Regularly used by dietitians to support both adult and paediatric* patients struggling with constipation,7 HyFIBER is a mild citrus flavoured liquid fibre supplement that can be taken neat, mixed with foods and drinks, or used alongside ONS or enteral formula.

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*Not recommended for children under 3 years of age. Dosage is dependent on the age and medical condition of the patient.
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