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Innovative Dietitians Helping to Meet Growing Need for Patient Information

Nutribytes, a newly formed creative media group founded by registered dietitians, design and develop multi-media nutritional resources for dietitians and another healthcare professionals to share with patients to support their nutritional health.

Nutribytes primary aim is to ensure nutritional messages are clear and easily accessible, to reach wider audiences and challenge health inequalities. All of Nutribytes patient resources are freely available.

To help support those caught up in the current pandemic, Nutribytes have recently designed a series of video resources to support patient’s recovery from critical illness.

The four videos give an overview of:

  • Recovery from critical illness
  • Practical tips for recovery
  • How to optimise nutritional intake
  • Considerations about dysphagia

The Nutribytes ‘Recovery from Critical Illness’ videos have been created with input from specialist critical care and respiratory dietitians and a speech and language therapist.

This Nutribytes ‘Recovery from Critical Illness’ video series can be found at and can be shared directly with patients and other healthcare teams who support patients’ recovery, such as GPs and rehabilitation teams.

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