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Introducing NuVu Life – A nutrient-rich powdered drink mix – A NEW VIEW ON NUTRITION


NuVu Life is a high protein, high-energy powdered drink mix, enriched with a carefully-selected blend of vitamins and minerals. The unique formulation combines industry-led expertise with high-quality ingredients to deliver a nutrient-dense product for people requiring extra nourishment without a prescription.

When blended with 200ml whole milk, a 50g sachet provides an impressive 23.8g protein, 362kcal and at least 100% of the recommended nutrient intake (RNI) for zinc, selenium, magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, Vitamin D and folic acid*.

NuVu Life is designed to provide nourishment for healthy weight gain and to support optimal immune system function. Available in a delicious range of flavours (strawberry, chocolate, banana and butterscotch), NuVu Life provides you with a new view on nutrition.

A Registered Dietitian said: “When used alongside a ‘Food-First’ approach, NuVu’s powdered drink shakes are a great way to help care for someone who requires additional nourishment and doesn’t require a medical prescription.”

NuVu Life is available to purchase online ( RRP depends on the quantity purchased. Please visit our website and use Voucher Code CN30 to claim 30% off your order.

For sales enquiries, or to request a sample of NuVu Life, please email or call us on: 07740 844 405

*Based on nutritional information fo r strawberry flavour NuVu Life.

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