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Is The Home Enteral Feeding (HEF) Population Changing?

Anecdotally we feel that the enterally fed population is changing, with regard to underlying diagnosis and demographics. As a team we have a relatively small population of younger patients dependent upon tube feeding with conditions including Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), Cyclical Vomiting and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Whilst the numbers are small the time to support these patients feels significant and complex.

We feel that it would be really useful to investigate this nationally.

To establish; ‘Is the population of HEF patients changing nationally’ and to gain an insight into the current population. Therefore, we are keen to get responses from the range of healthcare professionals involved with HEF. Results may open up further areas of work including best practice guidelines. It is hoped that this type of survey can be repeated regularly to enable us to better understand this population and how best to support them.

We hope you will find this an exciting opportunity to participate in this survey. Not only will participation enable us to gather accurate prospective data of the HEF population but will also give you the opportunity to win a £25 Gift Voucher! The survey will be open 1st-17th June 2024.

Complete the Survey Is the profile of the UK adult Home Enterally Fed population changing?

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