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For the 1-in-7 people in the UK struggling with constipation,1 VSL# Fibre offers a unique combination of fibre, poly-biotics and hibiscus extract, to help maintain a healthy bowel and facilitate intestinal transit. These natural ingredients are designed to gently relieve symptoms of constipation, replenish the gut microbiota, and naturally restore a healthy toilet routine.

Relieve: Psyllium Husk is recommended by NICE for the self-management of constipation, as it’s three times more effective than wheat bran in increasing stool output.2 Psyllium Husk swells to form a gel-like substance when in contact with water, helping to ease bowel movements. It has also been associated with significant changes in gut microbiota in both healthy adults and people with constipation.3

Replenish: Osmotic laxative use has been shown to destroy the gastrointestinal mucous barrier and alter gut microbial composition, with long-lasting effect.4 VSL# Fibre contains the same eight strains of bacteria found in VSL#3, offering 30 Billion CFU per serving. These strains have been proven to survive the harsh conditions of the stomach and contribute to the diversity of good gut bacteria.5, 6

Restore: Alongside lifestyle management, VSL# Fibre could help restore a healthy toilet routine, facilitating intestinal transit and helping to maintain a healthy bowel. It can easily slot into your patient’s daily routine, by mixing it with 200 ml water for a delicious fruity drink.

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