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New Bone Health Accreditation Scheme launches

A new Bone Health Accreditation Scheme, offered by the Royal Osteoporosis Society (ROS), has launched as part of their mission to improve the bone health of the nation.

A wide range of products and services including foods, beverages, supplements and living aids will be able to apply to use the bespoke logo on their packaging and in their marketing, which will mean that the charity’s experts have approved the bone health claims made.

Bone health is important throughout life and with a bone broken every minute in the UK because of osteoporosis, this new scheme has been launched to encourage consumers to make good choices for their bone health. It will give them an added level of confidence when buying a product with the Bone Health Approved logo.

Craig Jones, Chief Executive of the Royal Osteoporosis Society, said: “We’re proud to launch our Bone Health Accreditation Scheme because it’s a vital part of our work to improve the nation’s bone health. 3.5 million people are living with osteoporosis in the UK and this devasting condition and broken bones are often considered, wrongly, to be an inevitable part of ageing. This simply isn’t the case and there are things we can all do to help our bones stay strong, including having a balanced diet and active lifestyle.”

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