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NEW Insights from HEART UK’s Nutrition Academy – the cholesterol experts

The NEWLY LAUNCHED webpages from HEART UK’s Nutrition Academy provide you with comprehensive summaries of the latest scientific evidence behind nine dietary patterns and six foods on lipid management and cardiovascular health. The new insights will help you navigate through the ever-evolving science and provide key take home messages to help when advising your patients.

  • Eight dietary patterns associated with improved lipids and cardiovascular outcomes: exploring each pattern’s key food components, the scientific evidence, and their practical implications.
  • The low-carb, keto diet debate: a viable option for lipid management or should it be avoided at all costs?
  • Six lipid-lowering foods: evidence, dosages, and mechanisms.

HEART UK’s Nutrition Academy is committed to delivering excellence in dietary guidance for optimal lipid management. Alongside scientific insights, you can access virtual network meetings, CPD e-learning, news, and blogs to stay informed.

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