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NEW ProSource 20 – We’ve C’UPPED the amino acids & cut the plastic!

ProSource 20 is a new generation modular supplement containing 20g of a unique protein, that delivers on average over 50% more essential amino acids (EAA)* than flavoured protein shot-type products, without compromising on taste.

Presented in a versatile 60ml recyclable cup, ProSource 20 uses 77% less plastic than a typical 60ml plastic shot bottle.**

Available in a great tasting red berry flavour and with a consistency similar to water, ProSource 20 is easy to take orally straight from the cup.

In summary:

  • 20g protein
  • 60ml volume
  • Recyclable cup – uses 77% less plastic than a 60ml plastic shot bottle**
  • On average, over 50% more EAA than flavoured protein shot-type products*
  • Over 100% more leucine than flavoured protein shot-type products*

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*Per gram of protein
**Based on average 60ml shot bottle weight of 18.2g and ProSource 20 cup weight of 4.1g


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