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Nutrition and Hydration Week Celebrates Eleven Years

This week, 14-20 March, invites everyone involved in providing nutrition and hydration care, across both health and social care, to demonstrate and promote best practice. Promoting delivery of good practice year-round, Nutrition and Hydration (NH) Week’s strapline reflects its passion, innovation and drive to enhance the wellbeing of those we care for: ‘Making a difference every day.’

NH Week is a celebration, but also an opportunity to raise awareness, of nutrition and hydration. So, anything goes, with no restrictions, for what people can do throughout the week, but here are some suggestions to help inspire people:

Themes of the day:

  • Monday – Breakfasts,
  • Tuesday – Suppers,
  • Wednesday – A global Afternoon Tea party
  • Thursday – Hydration,
  • Friday – Fruit or Fish,
  • Saturday – Smoothies,
  • Sunday – Sundaes.

This year, the NH team also has a series of ‘Thirsty Thursday’ focus events planned to continue to promote good hydration from the UK’s Spring Bank Holiday Week until early July. Furthermore, October will see a daily focus on a tip to ‘Make Mealtimes Matter’ in a health and social care setting.

N&H week has run every March since 2012, and is managed, overseen and promoted by Andy Jones, Caroline Lecko and Derek Johnson.

“Nutrition and Hydration Week has been a catalyst to create a social movement to support and encourage positive change in the provision of nutrition and hydration wherever it takes place. The importance of good nutrition and hydration for us all can’t be underestimated – it is essential in supporting and maintaining good health and wellbeing,” said Caroline Lecko.

“We have seen legacies develop from the week, where people have been able to utilise the week to demonstrate the benefits of food and drink to improve the quality of life of those they care for. This has often led to changes longer term in improved food and drink provision,” added Andy Jones.

“It’s the passion of everyone involved that has created the week, all we do is provide a platform for them to demonstrate the good, when a lot of media focus is on the negatives. To us, positives inspire people to achieve more,” commented Derek Johnson.

The N&H team monitors its impact predominantly on social media with their Twitter page, @NHWeek, reaching over 12 million accounts and their Facebook growing followers by more than 23% in the month leading up to the coming week. Hundreds of organisations and establishments throughout the UK, including hospitals, care homes and community care, take part in the annual event. N&H week reaches overseas too with events taking place from Australia and Canada, to Eire and Portugal.

Further details of the legacy that Nutrition and Hydration Week is building across health and social care can be found at:

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