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One In Four Parents Say Their Teen Consumes Caffeine Daily or Nearly Every Day

A quarter of parents report that caffeine is basically part of their teen’s daily life, according to a national poll. Two in three parents think they know whether their teen’s caffeine intake is appropriate and which products have too much caffeine. Yet a third aren’t able to identify recommended caffeine limits, according to the University of Michigan Health C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health.

“Our report suggests parents may not always be aware of how much they should be limiting caffeine consumption for teens,” said poll co-director and Mott paediatrician Susan Woolford, M.D. “Even for parents who know the recommendations, estimating their teen’s caffeine intake can be challenging.”

Soda is teens’ top caffeinated product of choice, according to the nationally representative report that’s based on responses from 1,095 parents of teens polled in February.

Tea and coffee came in as the second most popular caffeine source while less than a fourth of parents said their teen consumed energy drinks.

“Teens’ brains are still developing, and excessive caffeine consumption can affect their mood, sleep, and school performance, along with other side effects. They can also become dependent over time, as is true for other drugs.” Woolford said.

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