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Poor Nutrition Contributes to Poor Mental Health and Risk of Diabetes

People with diabetes (diabetes mellitus [DM]) are two-to-three times more likely to have depression than people without, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Current treatment includes therapy, medicine, or both. However, the understanding of the multifaceted relationship between nutrition, mental health and DM is relatively new in scientific discourse. George Mason University, USA, researchers sought to learn about the connection between nutrition, diabetes and mental health.

“Our findings underscore the pivotal role of dietary choices in reducing the risks associated with both diabetes and mental health. The implications of these findings extend beyond the scientific community, as they hold promise for informing public health policies, health care practices and dietary recommendations that can positively impact the general population,” said Raedeh Basiri, the lead author of the papers.

“Ultimately, the research seeks to empower individuals to make informed and health-promoting dietary choices that can serve as a proactive strategy for the prevention and management of diabetes, as well as anxiety and depression.” Basiri said.


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