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PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: Isosource® Junior Mix

The well-tolerated1,2 paediatric enteral feed, Isosource® Junior Mix, will be changing its name from December* 2021 to Compleat® paediatric. As the first enteral feed in the UK to contain food-derived ingredients (13.8%**), Nestlé Health Science is aligning with the globally recognised Compleat® brand, well known for offering a portfolio of products containing food-derived ingredients.

The recipe, nutritional profile and product format will remain the same, it’s just the name that’s changing. For more information about the product including clinical data or case studies, please click here or contact your Nestlé Health Science representative.

For healthcare professional use only.

*Subject to change
**13.8% food derived ingredients from chicken and vegetables, peach puree and orange juice.

1. Siddiqui A, et al. HSOA J Neonatol Clin Pediatr 2021, 8:066.
2. Thornton-Wood C, Saduera S (2020) Tolerance and Acceptability of a New Paediatric Enteral Tube Feeding Formula Containing Ingredients Derived From Food: A Multicentre Trial In The United Kingdom. HSOA J Neonatol Clin Pediatr 7: 050.

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