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PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: Peptamen Junior PHGG is NOW Available for Paediatric Patients in UK

A 1.2 kcal/ml nutritionally complete paediatric enteral feed with 6 g of PHGG fibre and 100% partially hydrolysed whey peptides in a 500 ml SmartFlex® collapsible semi-rigid bottle.

It is formulated for children aged 1-10 years who need additional fibre to support bowel function.

To find out more about PHGG “Practical considerations from clinical cases” click here to download:

To watch the webinar for the Expert Experience with more in-depth interactions, please follow the link for session II of “Fibre Maze: Influence on Gut Health and GI disorders” –

Or if you would like to watch the Q&A session, click here:

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