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PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: ProSource Jelly – An Ideal Post-Covid Rehabilitation Product?

With so many patients leaving hospital post-Covid, attention is once again turning to how targeted nutrition can be used to support recovery and rehabilitation.

Whilst each patient’s needs are different, with dysphagia and high protein requirements being key issues amongst this cohort, we would like to draw your attention to ProSource Jelly and outline the following features, which we think may make it an ideal post-Covid product:

  • 20g protein in each cup
  • IDDSI level 4
  • Pre-thickened with Caregeenan and Carob Bean Gum
  • Complete in ALL essential amino acids
  • 4 flavour variants 

Sample packs of all ProSource products are available FREE of charge and can be sent direct to you or your patients, together with relevant literature. Simply visit, or email us using:

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