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PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: ProSource PLUS – 50% more protein, 50% smaller pack size

ProSource Plus represents an unrivalled choice in oral protein supplementation. With 15g of protein in each 30ml sachet (30g protein in a 60ml serving), ProSource Plus contains 50% more protein per ml than any other liquid protein supplement available in the UK.

This means that ProSource Plus, available Citrus Berry, Orange Crème, or a Neutral flavour, is unrivalled when it comes to providing your patients with additional protein without compromising on taste or volume.

What’s more, in response to customer demand, we have now introduced a 50 sachet case size, alongside our current 100 sachet case size. This is to support greater prescribing flexibility and even easier storage, and has been welcomed by many users.

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If you would like more information about ProSource Plus or would like to receive samples, please visit; email; or call us on 01249 691301

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