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PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: ProSource TF: Enteral Protein Without Compromise

ProSource TF & ProSource TF Plant represent unique and unrivalled liquid protein options, designed specifically to support enteral feeding. Not only are TF products complete in all essential amino acids, but they contain those amino acids AT FAR HIGHER LEVELS than renal specific liquid proteins. This means that whether you use ProSource TF, or TF Plant, each gram of TF protein delivers more of what your patients actually need, without compromising on volume or quality.

In addition to this, ProSource TF products feature:

  • An osmolality level which is close to isotonic, thus helping to improve patient tolerance¹
  • ACBS approval for Hypoproteinaemia, meaning that it can be used across a wide range of patient conditions¹ (e.g. renal, liver, post-surgery, oncology etc.)
  • 15g of protein in each 45ml single use sachet, enabling you to increase protein intake without significantly increasing carbohydrates or volume²
  • Unique plant-based option – approved by the Vegan Society
  • Easy to administersterile sachets and a water-like consistency make ProSource TF products easy to administer, whilst assisting with infection control
  • The support of numerous clinical studies demonstrating effectiveness in enterally fed patients

ProSource TF¹, ProSource TF Plant²

If you would like to try ProSource TF products with your patients, you can request a FREE sample pack and information via

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