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ProSource TF ENFit – Everything is connected

A unique amino acid profile that guarantees your patients a highly effective protein, coupled with an easy-to-use delivery system which saves on both nursing time and ancillary costs, makes ProSource TF ENFit an unrivalled enteral protein.

Protein Quality
20g protein

  • Provides maximal stimulus for MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis)1, 2
  • One bolus ensures protein intake is within the “window of opportunity” to induce MPS3, 4
  • Optimises protein provision when opportunities to feed may be limited5

PDCAAS of 100%

  • Essential amino acids (EAA) present at the right levels – providing 100% of the IOM reference pattern for an ideal protein6
  • Correct EAA levels are important in addition to leucine to support MPS7, 8, 9
  • High BCAA concentration

1.1g of leucine

  • Similar levels are shown to stimulate robust MPS10

Direct ENFit connection

  • Simple: connects directly on to an ENFit connector or giving set
  • Safe: direct ENFit connection removes the need to decant – reducing cross contamination risk11

Saves time and costs

  • Mitigates the need for additional ancillaries such as single use syringes or reciprocals for decanting
  • Speed and ease of administration can save valuable nursing time
  • One 20g pouch vs two 11g doses may offer savings in dispensing costs and reduce waste

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