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ProSource TF ENFit – NOW ACBS Approved

Designed specifically with both the patient and the health professional in mind, ProSource TF ENFit delivers 20 grams of high-quality protein directly to the patient’s feeding tube via one simple, safe connection.

An unrivalled amino acid profile that guarantees you are giving your patients the most effective protein, coupled with a delivery system which saves on time and reduces the need for decanting, makes ProSource TF ENFit the ideal protein to use with your enterally fed patients, whether in the hospital or the community / home setting.

TF ENFit In summary:

  • Unique ENFit compatible pouch
  • 20g TF protein in just 60ml volume
  • Unrivalled essential amino acid levels
  • Unrivalled branch chain amino acid levels
  • Very low in electrolytes
  • Halal certified

If you’d like to request a free sample pack to be sent directly to your department or your patient in the community, visit

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