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Renapro® Shot – Free Product

The provision of dietetic services has become dramatically more difficult, with the COVID-19 pandemic stretching every aspect of the NHS. Stanningley Pharma is aware of some of your challenges, and to underline our commitment and support we are offering some free stock of Renapro® Shot (peach and wild berry), to be supplied directly to your hospital. Please email or ring to receive your free product from the allocated stock.

Renapro® Shot is a high protein (20g), low calorie (only 90kcal) ONS and TF. The highly digestible peptides in Renapro® Shot are manufactured from hydrolysed collagen to give a “complete protein” containing all essential amino acids, enabling you to achieve all UK and ESPEN guidelines for protein intake.

In a sample of 22 specialist dietitians, 90% rated the palatability of the peach flavour 4 or 5 (scale of 1-5). A dietitian commented: “The peach flavour is surprisingly palatable, and getting 20g of protein in such a small volume is ideal for our patents.” The absence of an “after taste”, the benefit of being milk free, and the value of a low volume are typical feedback comments.

In a comparative tube feed audit, a Lead Critical Care dietitian stated that: “Renapro® Shot was the easiest to administer, and has the additional benefit in that a large (20g) dose can be administered with one 60ml enteral syringe, reducing workload and time for the nurses.”

For more information or samples visit: or email: or call: 0115 9912 4253

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