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Modular protein supplements enable patient protein requirements to be met without adding significant additional calories or fluid. As a modular protein, Renapro® Shot is high in protein (20g), low in calories (100kcal), and is low in volume (60ml). It contains all essential amino acids and is ACBS approved for use as both an oral and enteral tube feed.

New indication
The ACBS approval for Renapro® Shot was recently extended to “the dietary management of hypoproteinaemia”. Renapro® Shot has always been widely prescribed in secondary care for hypoproteinaemia in dialysis, liver, burns, cancer, post-surgery, etc. The new ACBS approval facilitates the same freedom of use in primary care.

New flavour
Last month we launched a very exciting new cola flavour of Renapro® Shot. Palatability of the ‘wild berry’ and ‘peach’ flavours continue to drive the use of Renapro® Shot. The new flavour comes with exactly the same composition, but with a very pleasant cola taste which has had excellent feedback from dietitians.

New formulary pack
In 2021 we have launched a formulary pack which is an up-to-date resource for comparing modular proteins. It takes an in-depth look at guidelines, product composition, price, etc. It is proving a valuable resource for dietitians who need detailed information for making decisions about product choice.

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