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Renapro® Shot … ORAL & TUBE FEED … one solution

Occasionally a product comes along with such remarkable flexibility that it gets it adopted as the ‘product of choice’ across so many therapy areas.

Renapro® Shot is a modular protein (20 g protein, only 100 kcal, 60 ml) that dietitians tell us is so easy to use for tube feeding … they then say, Renapro® Shot is so palatable that its ideal as an oral nutritional supplement as well.

Renapro® Shot COLA flavour … put to the test! Sixty dietitians evaluated cola flavour using seven criteria (BAPEN poster, 2021)

  • 91% said the cola taste was agreeable.
  • Comments: ‘it’s innovative’, ‘novel product’, ‘young patients will love it’.
  • 95% said they would prescribe the cola flavour.

Renapro® Shot is high protein (20 g), low calories (100 kcal), and low volume (60 ml).

It contains all essential amino acids, is approved for oral use and as an enteral tube feed, comes as three flavours (cola, peach, wild berry) and is ACBS approved for hypoproteinaemia. For more information or to request samples of Renapro® Shot visit: or email: or call us on: 0115 9912 4253.

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