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Resource of the Month: Learn practical tips to manage dysphagia confidently

We understand how important patient safety and swallow risk reduction are in the management of dysphagia, which is why safety is at the heart of everything we do.

Empower your care homes to be confident and competent in their dysphagia management, and learn practical tips for keeping patients safe at mealtimes with our video guide about Feeding Someone with Dysphagia.

Choosing your dysphagia partner encompasses more than just selecting a thickener; you need expertise you can trust. Our specialised dysphagia team not only provide on-demand advice, but offer bespoke Safety Briefings, a multitude of educational resources, and patient samples – together, we’ve got this.

Find our video guide and learn more here.

To find more resources, join the Nestlé Health Science N+ Education Hub – it’s free, convenient and loaded with educational content on dysphagia and more.

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