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RESOURCE OF THE MONTH: The Impact of a Low Energy Partially Hydrolysed Enteral Formula on Feeding Experiences in Children Tube Fed with Neuro-Disabilities

Children with complex neuro-disabilities are unable to meet all their nutritional requirements orally and may require a feeding tube. Children tube fed with neuro-disabilities and low mobility can become overweight due to reduced energy requirements.1

Children with neuro-disabilities who have low energy expenditure coupled with feed intolerances may benefit from a low energy 100% partially hydrolysed enteral formula to minimise risk of excessive weight gain, further compromising mobility.

Additionally, implementing a low energy hydrolysed ‘ready to feed’ formula may beneficially impact health economic outcomes by simplifying the feeding regimens eliminating the need for additional fluid, electrolytes and multivitamins, thereby, reducing time and financial cost attributed to feeding.

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1. Neter JE, et al. “The prevalence of overweight and obesity and its determinants in children with and without disabilities”. The Journal of Pediatrics 158.5(2011): 735-739.

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