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Source of Sugar May Be More Important than Amount When it Comes to the Development of Obesity in Children

New research presented at the European Congress on Obesity (ECO) in Venice, Italy (12-15 May) suggests that the source of sugar is more important than the amount of sugar when it comes to the development of obesity in children.

The study found that the total amount of sugar consumed when very young was not associated with weight at age 10 or 11. However, children who got a higher proportion of their sugar from unsweetened liquid dairy products (milk and buttermilk) were less likely to go on to live with overweight or obesity.
Similarly, getting more sugar from fruit was associated with less weight gain. However, getting a lot of sugar from sweet snacks such as cakes, confectionery and sweetened milk and yoghurt drinks, such as chocolate milk, was linked to being of higher weight.

The researchers conclude that when it comes to developing obesity in childhood, the source of sugar seems to be more important than the amount.

Ms Zou adds: “Children should be encouraged to have fruit and milk instead of sweetened milk and yoghurt drinks, sweets, cakes and other foods rich in added sugar.”

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