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Special Offer for CN Readers from Alflorex

Alflorex®, with unique 35624® culture, has been clinically shown to reduce any and all of the following in people with IBS:

  • Bloating
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Unpredictable bowel habits

We are now running a special offer for CN readers:

2 months free Alflorex, worth over £50

Start your free trial at

Alflorex, the only product to contain the 35624® culture, researched and

developed by internationally renowned experts in gastroenterology.

  • Recommended in the World Gastroenterology Organisation guidelines.3
  • Supported by two positive double blind placebo controlled trials.1, 2
  • Reaches the gut alive and is active in the gut.
  • One small capsule or chewable tablet per day. No refrigeration required.

Learn more about the science behind Alflorex, visit:

Offer valid until March 27th 2020 and is subject to terms and conditions, see for details.

References: 1. O’Mahony, L., McCarthy, J., Kelly, P., Hurley, G., Luo, F., Chen, K., O’Sullivan, G., Kiely, B., Collins, J., Shanahan, F. & Quigley, E.(2005). Gastroenterology 128, 541-551. 2. Whorwell, P., Altringer, L., Morel, J., Bond, Y., Charbonneau, D., O’Mahony, L., Kiely, B., Shanahan, F. & Quigley, E. (2006). American Journal of Gastroenterology 101, 1581-1590. 3. Ford A.C., Moayyedi P., Chey W.D., Harris L.A., Lacy B.E., Saito Y.A. and Quigley E.M.M. (2018). American Journal of Gastroenterology 113(Suppl 2):1-18.

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