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Supporting Pregnancy with MINAMI’s Prenatal Formulation

MINAMI’s Prenatal Omega-3 is specially formulated with the right balance of EPA and DHA to support the mother and the baby during pregnancy. EPA and DHA both play a key role in visual and cognitive development during gestation, and DHA is proven to help with normal eye and brain development in unborn children and breastfed infants. Benefits of omega-3 can continue being passed on through breast milk after the birth.

Trusted around the world, MINAMI Omega-3 is committed to cultivating the best knowledge and production processes for the highest quality results. Unlike many of our competitor brands, we use an advanced supercritical CO2 extraction process to ensure handling under milder conditions and avoid the high heat, which could damage the integrity of fragile Omega-3 fatty acids. This also allows us to achieve higher purity and higher concentration per capsule, up to 95%, giving you more of what you need, in fewer capsules. We also take great care with the sourcing and production of our Omega-3. Every step of the journey for MINAMI® Omega-3 is carefully tracked and traced, from our sustainable Pacific fishing to our environmentally responsible production facilities. We are proud to have been certified Friend of The Sea for our efforts.

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