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The Dietetic Discussion Podcast!

Nutrinovo are proud to support The Dietetic Discussion podcast series, hosted by renowned dietitian, Dr Anne Holdoway.

The Dietetic Discussion sees Anne delve into a wide range of current dietetic topics with expert guests, featuring some of the country’s leading nutrition professionals.  Each episode will provide listeners with valuable insights, reflecting on best practice whilst discussing innovation and the latest evidence. Whilst some topics will be clinically-focused, others will be sure to invoke debate and differing opinions – what is for certain is that they will all hold your interest.

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Episode 1: How Covid-19 Changed Dietetics

Episode 2: Fibre, Laxatives & Constipation

Episode 3: COMING SOON – Understanding Protein Quality

Where to listen…

To listen to The Dietetic Discussion podcast, simply visit the “podcasts” section. You will also find links here to the podcast hosted across both Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

For all the latest information and future episode release dates, be sure to follow @nutrinovo across both Twitter and Instagram.

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