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The Malnutrition Pathway Launches New Microsite for the Primary Care Network Team

The Malnutrition Pathway has launched a new microsite ( which includes sections aimed at different members of the primary care network (PCN) team. It provides guidance on the identification and management of malnutrition along with advice on when to refer on to other appropriate healthcare professions. The sub sections include information aimed at:

  • Dietitians – including materials to assist Dietitians in the training other members of the PCN team in the identification and management of malnutrition
  • GPs, Practice Nurses – including advice on screening, treatment, prevention, management and monitoring
  • Physician Associates, Nurse Associates and Trainees and Paramedics – with advice on identifying those at risk of malnutrition, carrying out screening and assessment, giving nutritional advice, and referring on to an appropriate healthcare professional for more detailed assessment
  • Practice/Clinical Pharmacists, Community Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians – with advice on incorporating screening, management and monitoring of ONS prescriptions
  • Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists – with advice on identifying malnutrition in high-risk patient groups who they see regularly including the frail elderly and those with long term conditions
  • Care Co-ordinators, Health and Wellbeing Coaches and Social Prescribers – including links to key resources that may be of use to individuals who are having difficulty with eating and drink.

A number of new factsheets are also available on the new PCN microsite which are linked to the specific pages including:

  • Advice on initiating conversations about (unintentional) weight loss and diet
  • Subjective indicators of malnutrition risk
  • Symptoms and problems that may be affecting a person’s ability to eat and drink
  • Considerations when prescribing oral nutritional supplements for those at high risk of malnutrition.

To access these resources, please visit:

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