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VSL#3® – One of the World’s most concentrated poly-biotic

As one of the world’s most concentrated poly-biotics – with 450 billion bacteria across 8 different strains1,2 – VSL#3® helps enrich your patient’s gut microbiome:3-5

  • Provides 450 billion CFU1, one of the world’s highest concentration of bacteria per serving
  • Contains 8 strains of bacteria,1,2 proven to survive stomach acid4 and contribute to the diversity of good gut bacteria5
  • Trusted and recommended by gastroenterologists, who report high levels of satisfaction in patients supplemented with VSL#3®6
  • Convenient, portable and easy to incorporate into your patients’ daily routine
  • Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, halal and kosher diets, and free from GMO, gluten, soy, lactose and dairy.

The VSL#3® formulation of live freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria work synergistically to support intestinal barrier function and effectively deliver 450 billion CFU per serving – up to 450 times more than other well-known products, such as Symprove, Actimel®, Yakult, and Alflorex® Digestive Health*

Help to enrich your patient’s gut microbiome; Help them stay on track, with VSL#3®.

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CFU, colony-forming units; GMO, genetically modified organisms.

*Comparison based on a single serving of each individual product, data taken from individual product websites, accessed August 2022.

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