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WEBINAR OF THE MONTH: Fibre Maze: Influence on Gut Health and GI Disorders

Missed it!! Don’t worry, it is now available to watch back.

The webinar is led by Dr. Anna Rybak MD, PhD, Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist, Department of Gastroenterology and Dr Graeme O’Connor Ph.D RD , MBDA , Clinical Academic in Paediatric Dietetics-Research Lead for Dietetics, Lead Dietitian for Paediatric Intensive Care – Great Ormond Street Hospital Foundation Trust.

The speakers discussed the evolving use of fibre in enteral nutrition. They explored in-depth the impact of clinical decisions related to clinical care or patients, in terms of improving outcomes.

To watch, please follow the link for Session II:

Or if you would like to watch the Q&A session:

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