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2020 CN Awards Nomination Process Now Open – Nominate & WIN!

The CN Awards provide the chance for all readers, advertisers and contributors of CN Magazines …Read more

Did you know that you can read CN in digital format and reduce the carbon footprint?

Since 2013, the publishers of CN have been producing CN in both print and digital …Read more

CN Magazines – Digital subscription free for students

As part of Complete Nutrition (CN) Magazine’s 15th birthday celebrations, CN is now available digitally free-of-charge for all UK-based nutrition & dietetic students*.

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CN goes 3 Dimensional

In addition to receiving your very own printed copy of CN, you can now also view the nations favourite nutrition read online at anytime via: or take every issue with you offline on your smartphone or tablet via an app.

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Systematic Review Featuring in Forthcoming Issue of Complete Nutrition Magazines Picked-up by National Press

The next issue of CN Focus (October) features an article from Dr Pamela Mason – Systematic Review of Garlic in Hypertension. This article examines the evidence behind garlic and it’s role in hypertension. Garlic, especially a dried garlic preparation, provides allicin which has been shown to have a lowering effect on high blood pressure.

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Test your nutrition knowledge with CNPD

CN Professional Development (CNPD) is an interactive resource enabling readers of CN Magazine to test their knowledge of specific subjects covered within each issue, by way of an article-linked online questionnaire that sits within the website. It’s free and simple to use… 

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