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Cancer Survivors Urgently Need Better Nutritional Support

New research from the University of Sheffield has revealed an urgent need to improve nutritional …Read more

Does a healthy diet counter the ill-effects of obesity?

A healthy quality Mediterranean-like diet partially modifies the association between obesity and cardiovascular mortality, according …Read more

Excess Belly Fat Linked to Higher Risk of Early Death Regardless of Total Body Fat

Central fatness (excess fat stored around the abdomen) is associated with a higher risk of …Read more

Introducing New Peptamen Junior 0.6

Designed for children who have reduced energy requirements, Peptamen® Junior 0.6 is the only low …Read more

Rice Dishes are Back on the Menu for Those with Dysphagia

Announcing the addition of three new dishes to its award-winning Purée Petite softer foods range, …Read more

Your No-Nonsense Guide to Eating Well

Your No-Nonsense Guide to Eating Well, by Maeve Hanan, Registered Dietitian,
demystifies and simplifies the …Read more

Heavy on Protein, Light on the Gut

Tolerance to tube feeds is often poor in patients with impaired GI function, leading to …Read more

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: Birds Eye Soft Meals – brought to you by Alimento

IDDSI compliant meals for those with swallowing and chewing difficulties.
Birds Eye Soft Meals are …Read more

Does the Mediterranean diet protect against rheumatoid arthritis?

Previous research has demonstrated a variety of health benefits associated with the Mediterranean diet, which …Read more

Healthy Diet & Exercise During Pregnancy could Lead to Healthier Children

New research shows improving the lifestyle of women with obesity during pregnancy could mean long-term …Read more

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