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High Vitamin A, E, and D Intake Linked to Fewer Respiratory Complaints in Adults

High vitamin A, E, and D intake may be linked to fewer respiratory complaints in …Read more

Asthma & Food Allergies during Childhood Associated with Increased Risk of IBS

Asthma and food hypersensitivity at age 12 is associated with an increased risk of having …Read more

Coeliac UK Wins National Award for its Gluten Free on the Move app

Coeliac UK, the charity for people who need to live gluten-free, has been announced as …Read more

Critical Care Dietitian Honoured for Role in COVID-19 Response

Ella Terblanche RD, chair of the BDA’s Critical Care Specialist Group and Principal Dietitian for …Read more

Celebrating a Career in Dietetics: Linda Webb

Linda is celebrating her career in dietetics and 32 years of NHS service overall. Linda …Read more

RESOURCE OF THE MONTH: Resource ThickenUp Clear Research Outreach Article

Nestlé Health Science have proudly partnered with independent Speech and Language Therapist Sandra Robinson and …Read more

Professional View of Vitamin D as Medicine (rather than as key nutrient) Jeopardising Elderly Care Home Residents’ Health

The professional perception of vitamin D as a medicine, rather than as a key nutrient, …Read more

Dietary Folate, Magnesium, and Dairy Products may all Help Stave off Bowel Cancer

Folate, magnesium, and dairy products may all help stave off bowel cancer, but there’s no …Read more

New Research Examines Whether Mindfulness Can Help Tackle Obesity

Researchers have developed a package of new tools to examine how mindfulness can help tackle …Read more

Drinking Green Tea and Coffee Daily Linked to Lower Death Risk in People with Diabetes

Drinking plenty of both green tea and coffee is linked to a lower risk of …Read more

Early Introduction of Gluten may Prevent Coeliac Disease in Children

Introducing high doses of gluten from four months of age into infants’ diets could prevent …Read more

EVENT OF THE MONTH: The Royal Marsden Nutrition and Cancer Myths Virtual Study Day

The Royal Marsden Nutrition and Cancer Myths Virtual Study Day
12th November 2020
Are you …Read more

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